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|footnotes= Possibly born in 1528.
|footnotes= Possibly born in 1528.
'''Aya''' is [[Kenshin Uesugi|Kenshin]]'s sister and [[Kagekatsu Uesugi|Kagekatsu]]'s mother. She is Masakage Nagao's first wife.
'''Aya''' (綾御前, ''Aya Gozen'') is [[Kenshin Uesugi|Kenshin]]'s sister and [[Kagekatsu Uesugi|Kagekatsu]]'s mother. She is Masakage Nagao's first wife.
==Role in game==
==Role in game==

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Character Information
Clan(s)/Alliance(s): Uesugi
Weapon Type: Naginata
Unit Type: Priestess
First Appearance: Samurai Warriors 2
Historical Information
Real name:
Japanese name:
仙洞院 or 仙桃院
March 20, 1609
Possibly born in 1528.

Aya (綾御前, Aya Gozen) is Kenshin's sister and Kagekatsu's mother. She is Masakage Nagao's first wife.

Role in game

She appears as a bodyguard of the Priestess category and is available for the player to equip before battles in Samurai Warriors 2. In Samurai Warriors 3, Aya fights alongside her brother and son in the Uesugi army as a unique non-playable character and defends the main camp.

Historical information

Sento-In was Nagao Tamekage's second eldest daughter. She was said to either come from the same mother as Kenshin or was his older half-sister. Though better known under her Buddhist name, it was said that her given name was Ayahime.

She was engaged to Nagao Masakage sometime during 1537 and they had two sons and two daughters together. Their eldest son died at the young age of 10 so their second eldest son, Kagekatsu, was adopted into the Uesugi family under Kenshin. Their daughters are also said to have been adopted into the Uesugi and supposedly became the wives of their loyal vassals. Sento-In moved to Kasugayama Castle with her son in 1564. She was said to have recognized Naoe Kanetsugu's talents and recommended him to serve Kagekatsu. It was rumored that Kanetsugu tried his best to care for her in gratitude.

When the civil dispute between Kagekatsu and Kagetora took place after Kenshin's death, Sento-In tried to protect Kagetora's heir after the death of her older sister (Kagetora's wife). Although she was with Kagetora, she returned to Kikuhime and Osen no Kata's care. She died at Yonezawa Castle and was enshrined at Risen-ji. She was given the Buddhist name, Sento-In. As for why she was named as such, the reasons are still debated to this day.

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