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  • The theatrical adaptation of Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 2 is being revived this year in Japan on May 30th to June 3rd. A rehearsal is going to take place on May 29th. Three new actors are now part of the cast: Yoshihiko Narimatsu (Yoritada), Doi Kazumi (Katsuzane), and Tooru Hachinohe (Yasutsugu; who also voices Rindou in the upcoming Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 5 Kazahanaki). ODYSEEY's press release for it can be seen here with a teaser trailer.
  • Love Love ♥ Tenshin-sama Angelique has updated its website with information regarding the game's overall system. Clavis' alternate profile information and name are also available for viewing.
  • The second Neoromance message campaign is for White Day. Members of Koei's fanclub can sign in and pick their favorite five characters from the following games: Angelique étoile, Neo Angelique Special, Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3, Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 5, and 100man-nin no Kiniro no Corda. Once they have registered their purchase, consumers can log in to their My Gamecity account to hear their special audio messages.
    • A DVD recording of the Neoromance Starlight ♥ Christmas 2011 stage event is going to be on sale on March 21st. Gamecity shoppers can purchase it early on February 29th with a special case.
  • A single day stage event in Akihabara is planned for Koei's three MMORPGs: Uncharted Waters Online, Dynasty Warriors Online, and Nobunaga no Yabou Online. The event is called Net Entertainment Festa in Akihabara. Information regarding the newest expansions/patches for the games will be presented for attendees on February 21st.
  • Merchandise for stores and Pokémon Centers as well as the pre-order bonus for Pokémon Plus Nobunaga no Yabou has been revealed. Interested fans can see the goods in this press report.
    • 4Gamer posted a photo report of the game's stage presentation at Jisedai World Hobby Fair '12 Winter.
  • The Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 5 only stage event, Neoromance ♥ Festa ~ Haruka Festival 2012, has updated its official website with more details. Kazahanaki characters Rindou and Sou Kiryu will also participate in the event. An original story and characters will be the event's main theme.
    • Tickets for the event are now on sale.
  • Nobunaga no Yabou Online is undergoing a campaign to celebrate the end of this expansion in preparation for the newer expansion in March. Aside from the standard final showdown between factions, players can log in to receive random presents and bonuses for the Houoh no Shou expansion.
    • Information regarding the world battle in February and the new retainer system in Houoh no Shou can be viewed for interested readers at Online Gamer.
  • CWS Brains and Koei's social game, Hyaku-mon nin no Hyper World Soccer!, is now available for every GREE user in Japan. Players can create and manage their own teams as they compete in leagues throughout the week.
  • Nobunyaga no Yabou is going to be available on mobile networks throughout East Asia. Here is its Taiwanese official teaser site.
  • Consumers who use Gamecity's shopping service to purchase Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 5 Kazahanaki can obtain an exclusive character interview book. Characters answer questions with a set of bonus illustrations for fans.
    • The official website updated with details of the game's system and sub-characters in the character page. Downloadable character banners are also up for fans.
    • Gamer is posting another voice actor interview for interested fans. Part one includes photos and commentary for Sou Kiryu and the Heaven Guardians (Shun Kiryu, Chinami, Tatewaki Komatsu, and Ernest Satow).
    • New screenshots and images for Kazahanaki on its official website. A new character named Tadayoshi Oguri is available for viewing.
  • Sangokushi 12 can be purchased in Japan on March 2nd. The official website has updated with more information regarding the structure for policies and combat. Scenarios for the game will include the Yellow Turban Rebellion, the Anti-Dong Zhuo Coalition, Sun Ce and Cao Cao's rise to power in 195, the Battle of Guan Du, Liu Bei's Three Visits to Zhuge Liang before Chi Bi, a prelude to the Three Kingdoms period in 214, and a dream match scenario in the year 251.
    • Information regarding duels and historical events in the game are up for viewing at Game Watch.
    • Consumers who purchase this game online from Gamecity can obtain an exclusive version of Xiahou Dun without his eye patch and a downloadable serial card for an item in the social game 100man-nin no Sangokushi.
    • Sign ups for a closed beta for the game's online mode is in progress. Interested fans can sign up by having a Gamecity account and be accessing the beta link through various Japanese news sites (such as Game Watch and Gamer). The online battles up for testing seem to be PvP card battles.
  • Dynasty Warriors Online is performing a Zhuge Liang themed update on January 19th. Players can use a revised version of his weapon and gather parts of his costume for their characters. A Chinese New Years quest will also let players gain access to a firecracker emote to celebrate.
    • The new "Ninja" garments can be obtained as a special drop item. These outfits are altered versions of Ryu and Ayane's costumes.
  • Gust's new mystery PS Vita title will have an unspecified connection with mobile devices according to this week's Dengeki Playstation issue.
    • Other small notes and hints have been pointed out in this week's issue. See the Dengeki Online article for details.
    • Idea Factory's Otome game adaptation of Gust's Atelier series, Elkrone Atelier ~Dear for Otomate~, has updated its official website with a promotional video and a handful of new character biographies for viewers to enjoy.
    • Trading cell phone straps for the Atelier series is now available in Gust's shop.
    • Gust's new mystery title is apparently called genomirai. Visitors who access the website can see a strange short video with the code "GM-0315" shown at the start. Region-locked users can see it on youtube. More data will be shown on January 26th.
    • The full name of Gust's new PS Vita game is revealed to be Ciel nosurge -surge concerto- ~Ushiwareta Hoshi he Sasugu Uta~, in this week's Dengeki PlayStation issue. The main protagonist is a girl named Ionasal Kukururu Prishiel (Ion for short) who is voiced by Ai Kakuma. The player supposedly helps her by scheduling her daily activities (such as sleeping, eating, and so on) in a real-life simulation style. Story details, online capabilities, and basic data are confirmed to be available. It is currently scheduled to be in Japan's stores on April 26th.
    • The main protagonist can be seen on the March cover of Gemaga.
    • Gust will be present at Game no Dengeki Kansha Matsuri 2012 with a secret stage event.
    • Ciel nosurge has finally started its official website and Twitter account.
  • The seven year anniversary pack for Uncharted Waters Online will be available for purchase in Japan on February 21st. Its subtitle is Kaizoku Barbarossa no Hihou ("Pirate Barbarossa's Secret Treasure"). Pre-ordering the package allows players to use costume parts from the key NPCs in Tierra Americana: Justine, Albrecht von Wallenstein, and Lorenzo de' Medici. Players can see other details and bonuses in the press report.
    • Panama is a new location players can explore for new quests, recipes, skills, and so on. See the press report for details.


  • Interested users can now download the benckmark program for Winning Post 7 2012.
    • Consumers who purchase the game's guidebook can obtain a downloadable serial code for a "White Haired Directory".
  • Neoromance related merchandise for Japan Otome ♥ Festival 2 is up for viewing at Gamecity Shopping.
    • Otome game fans can watch the night showing on the 19th live at Nico Nico. The live recording is the final performance of the event.
  • A drama and voice actor commentary CD for Love Love ♥ Tenshin-sama Angelique is going to be available for purchase on February 29th. Players who pre-order the CD can obtain a downloadable serial code to obtain an item for their avatars.
  • 100man-nin no Daikoukai-jidai has a special Valentine's Day event planned for users. Players can buy cocoa for a limited time and may earn Anne d'Autriche for their crew. She was the Queen consort for King Louis XIII of France and was the first member of French royalty to be given chocolate from Spain.
  • Sangokushi 12's purchase date in Japan has been changed from March 2nd to March 30th. As small compensation for pushing back the date, developers have revealed that a crossover scenario with Nobunaga no Yabou can be unlocked and that players can use generals from its sister historical simulation series.
  • Dynasty Warriors Online's newest upcoming expansion, Ryujin Ranbu, has information regarding bonuses players obtain for reserving the title or by purchasing the Treasure Box edition. Pre-ordering the game allows players to gain a unique cowboy costume for their avatars, a random Level 4 weapon, 50,000 gold, and 10 other supplementary items for their characters. The Treasure Box edition adds more items, another costume option, a chart for keeping track of their characters' progress, a supplementary book, and a soundtrack CD featuring new songs in the game called "Echo of Ling Lun".
    • A Cao Pi themed update is going to be available for players on February 16th. A revised version of his weapon's moveset and parts of his model can be obtained by player characters. Other items and costumes are also mentioned within the linked press report.
    • Players who purchase Ryujin Ranbu from Amazon can obtain a downloadable code to obtain five colored mantles.
  • The second February 22nd (Nyan-nyan-nyan or Meow-meow-meow Day) collaboration event with Uncharted Waters Online and Nobunyaga no Yabou has been announced. Unlike previous collaboration projects, Oda Nobunyaga finally has a custom 3D model within the game. Players of the MMORPG who complete the event can obtain the model as their avatar's pet. The special Date Masiamune treasure card is available a second time for social game users.
  • Koei-Tecmo's finances remain thriving in the black according to their third quarter report. The Warriors franchise titles and the 5,000,000,000 users of the company's social games have helped the company make a profit. Warriors Orochi 3 sold at least 350,000 units in Japan. A small loss in sales occurred for their Neoromance franchises and media. They have made an approximate 5,000,000,000 yen in operating profit, 6,500,000,000 yen in recurring profit, and 3,600,000,000 yen net profit.
  • Pachinko Vista has screenshots for sequences that appear in SanThree's Dynasty Warriors pachinko machine. Curious viewers can see the images in their report.
  • More voice actors are confirmed to appear in Neoromance ♥ Festa ~ Haruka Festival 2012. Visitors of the official website can now enjoy character banners for the event.
    • Characters from Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 5 are being promoted for Koei's Valentine's Day and White Day merchandise. Consumers who purchase the desserts can obtain a character message CD featuring three characters: Sou Kiryu (Takuma Terashima), Chinami (Atsushi Abe), and Ernest Satow (Micheal Shitanda).
    • Shō Hayami, who is known by Neoromance fans for voicing Julious in the Angelique series, is going to appear at the Haruka 5 only event as one of the event's original characters. He is going to voice Masakado Taira (Taira no Masakado) live on stage.
    • The guidebook for Kazahanaki includes information regarding characters and their endings. Fans who purchase it can obtain a pin-up fold out of the game's cover image.
    • A two disc character image song collection for Kazahanaki will be available for purchase on March 21st. The CD's subtitle is called Awayuki no Kokorouta.
    • The second voice actor DVD recording will feature the cast from the fifth game. Hachiyou Ranman 2 will showcase a variety program for fans to enjoy hosted by the Eight Guardians in this installment. It can be bought on March 28th.
  • A new Kin'iro no Corda CD is going to be available in Japan's stores on White Day (March 14th). It has the two character image songs from the Neoromance Starlight ♥ Christmas 2011 event CD, audio dramas, and character messages to celebrate the holiday. It's called 100man-nin no Kiniro no Corda ~Precious Present~.
  • Net Entertainment Festa in Akihabara has been moved from February 21st to February 12th. Attendees can obtain various serial codes compatible with Koei's social and online games. These serial codes can help players obtain hard to get items.
    • Waitresses from the Akihabara Sengoku-jidai maid cafe, Mononopu, will also be catering to attendees of the event. They are even scheduled to appear on stage for fans.
    • Fans who are unable to attend the event in person can alternatively watch the stage events on a Niconico Douga live stream.
    • Daikoukai-jidai Online will have a special 7th Anniversary chapter on February 21st to end the current Tierra Americana chapter. One of the biggest changes to the game includes a different level cap for characters and their skills. A new expansion pack with the subtitle 2nd Age is scheduled to be available sometime this year. It lets players change the world's time era by tinkering with a "World Clock" feature –roughly explained as in-game time travel. Producer Tomokazu Takeda hopes that the development team can address fans' complaints and further strengthen the playing experience with the newest expansion.
    • Nobunaga no Yabou Online ~Houou no Shou~ will move past the Azuchi–Momoyama period with Nobunaga dead and Hideyoshi carrying on his will as the new protagonist character. New season changes will be available in the upcoming expansion pack. The producers gave a live demonstration of the vassal and town system, which is somewhat similar to Genghis Khan's village system. Players can interact and trade with one another through the communities they have built to obtain new equipment and items for their characters. Five attendees of the event worked together with the producer and Famitsu game writer, Kagekiyo, to defeat the first boss of the expansion.
    • Shin Sangoku Musou Online ~Ryujin no Ranbu~ lets players fight against the Four Gods or against one another in a new arena mode with a maximum of 25 participants. Players can randomly change into a Four God in the arena mode to attack their rivals. Rare items can be obtained in these battles; defeating the Azure Dragon can reward a dragon themed outfit for avatars. Legendary weapons, new costumes, and weapons are going to be included along with further customization options for the player's rest area. The new scenario for the expansion will be the Battle of Yiling. The producers then played against select audience members in the arena mode; the winner obtained a ticket for the Treasure Box edition of the game.
  • A collaboration campaign between 100man-nin no Nobunaga no Yabou and Nobunyaga no Yabou is taking place in Japan. Participants of both social games can earn special bonuses for completing the special events in the games. One of the rewards for Nobunyaga no Yabou players is an exclusive Kinoshita Toukiteirou card. The kitty social game is also updating with 10 new cards inspired by Motochika's life.
    • Downloadable serial codes for both social games appeared in Dengeki Appli Vol. 1.
    • Crane games featuring dolls as prizes will have Nobunyaga, Ogo-nyan, and Masiamune dolls starting April this year. Interested fans can win them in amusement parks throughout Japan.
    • Players of 100man-nin no Nobunaga no Yabou have a chance to earn the Houou no Shou versions of Hideyoshi and Nene in a Nobunaga no Yabou Online collaboration event.
  • Consumers who reserve Ciel nosurge -surge concerto- ~Ushiwareta Hoshi he Sasugu Uta~ can obtain a downloadable serial code to change Ion's outfit and accessories. The special AGENT PACK includes a materials book, a PS Vita cover, and a drama CD.
    • This week's Famitsu issue has revealed more details about the PS Vita title. Players can interact with Ion by conversing with her and taking pictures of the area around them. If they're successful, they can go on virtual dates with her in real time sequences ala Love Love Plus. The goal of the game's story is to retrieve her lost memories and learn more about her world. Players can gain passwords to use in the game by transmitting data to their PlayStation 3 and by using an iPhone application named gemini Live.
    • Gust's Marie Atelier and Elie Atelier have been adapted into the social game genre for fans. Players can create their own apprentice alchemist and adventure into these segments of the Atelier canon to collect new items and experience new scenarios.
    • New characters have been revealed in Ciel nosurge. Their names are Tabou, Pram (Prime Ceodium), Cath (Casty Rianight), and Telefunken; their voice actors in respective character order are Momoko Oohara, Akemi Okata, Inori Minasaka, and Kana Akutsu. Players will need to pay for downloadable scenarios, but downloadable motions and voices will be free.


  • 100man-nin no Winning Post received a Special Award at GREE Platform Award 2011.
  • Tickets for the latest Gekidan Kishinogumi production are now on sale at Gamecity. This play is called Kurushunai, a story which takes place in the Edo period. Details about the play can be seen on the theatrical group's website.
  • Love Love ♥ Tenshin-sama Angelique has updated to have Luva, Randy, and Zephel as new celebrities in the game. Sample voices and additional Twitter icons and banners are now on the official website, along with Zephel's alternate profile information.
    • Profiles for Lumiale, Olivie, Timka, Sei-Lan, and Leonard are now available for viewing on the website.
    • Voice samples and Twitter icons for Charlie, Victor, and Clavis are up on the official site. The opening header for the site has changed to reflect the upcoming characters within the game.
  • Dynasty Warriors Online's expansion pack Ryujin Ranbu can be bought in Japan's stores. Registered users can participate in a special tournament or fulfill a quest to obtain new clothing for their characters. A Lu Meng themed update is also scheduled to take place on March 22nd. An updated version of his weapon's moveset can be obtained within the game. Further details and images can be seen in the press report.
  • The April issue of Appli Fan Vol 2 will have a Nobunyaga no Yabou serial code included within it. This issue will also have an interview with Oda Nobunyaga and Nyaraki Hiroshige.
  • Sangokushi 12's release date has been pushed back a second time. Instead of March 30th, the game and its online services are scheduled to be available in Japan on April 20th. The reason for the new date –like the first date change– is tweaks for quality control.
  • Tickets for the theatrical adaptation of Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 2 are now on sale at Gamecity Shopping. The sale lasts until March 20th.
  • The Koei-Tecmo LIVE! introductory press event began with Keiko Erikawa explaining that the program will strive to report on various information regarding the IPs, events, merchandise, and so on from the company (including Tecmo and Gust).
  • Updates for the company's my GAMECITY community were the main focus of the live Ustream broadcast.
  • Youichi Erikawa, chief director of FOST, presented three awards to three professors. The awards were given based on the professors' research for implementing digital games into education and their study regarding potential effects and benefits. The professors who were awarded have been honored as teachers or contributors who strive to use video games as entertaining and valid educational devices. Photos and additional commentary of the event can be seen at 4Gamer.
  • Nobunaga no Yabou Online's fifth expansion pack, Houou no Shou, has finally began its service and is available for purchase in Japan. Players can take part in the expansion's first Hideyoshi themed dungeon and can immediately create their custom towns. A campaign to celebrate the expansion allows players to obtain special event items.
  • Hyakuman-nin-nin no Kin'iro no Corda can now be played on the PC through its new Yahoo!Mobage service. Players can continue and build the data they have earned from their smartphone save of the game.
  • Uncharted Waters Online is celebrating its seven year anniversary on March 13th. Players can celebrate the anniversary with a new spring event. Other details and bonuses for the campaign can be seen in the press report.
    • A Tower of Babel update has been announced. It starts on April 3rd on Japanese servers. Other news updates includes events to introduce the expansion pack, 2nd Age, by celebrating with 1st Age Memorial campaigns. Players can experience the old world a final time before it is changed by the expansion's time traveling features.
  • Pokémon Plus Nobunaga no Yabou and Sangokushi 12 will be present at Dengeki's special event, Game no Dengeki Kansha Matsuri. The producer for the historical simulation title also take part in a talk show session regarding the game.
  • The event CD for Neoromance ♥ Festa ~ Haruka Festival 2012 has the series' first character image song sang by all of the Eight Guardians in Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 5. A character song for the Kazahanaki character Rindou is also included. Interested fans can hear samples of both songs on the event's website.
  • 100man-nin no Daikoukai-jidai will include new pirate characters who can join the player's party. A few of them include Sinan Pasha, Aydin Reis, and Caterina Sforza.
    • Players can take part in a special Greek mythology themed event near Rome titled "Sirens' Secret Treasure". Four rare Greek characters can be earned during the event, one of which includes the "Wise Monarch" Odysseus.
    • West Africa is a new area for players to explore to obtain new treasure, gems, and so on. If they obtain one of the new treasures in the game, they will likely obtain one of the legendary pirates in the area. These characters are reputed figures of the Second Punic War, one of which includes Hannibal.
  • This week's issue of Dengeki Playstation has revealed a new character in Gust's Ciel nosurge -surge concerto- ~Ushiwareta Hoshi he Sasugu Uta~ called Kanon (voiced by Nana Inoue). Her full name is Kynol Cucururu Pricher (カノイール・ククルル・プリシェール). She is an assistant bishop to the throne and is considered a natural genius. Other details include introductions for the game's system. Players can photograph barcodes they see to change the in-game environment or to change the attributes of fairies called Sharl (シャール). Divisions for Sharl so far include flower, grass and stone types. As they raise and strengthen the fairies they have collected players can obtain Hymmnos Points, which can be used to customize the fairies' appearances. Players can interact with one another through wireless servers by using these fairies.
    • Japanese singer-songwriter Akiko Shikata will be performing a song for this title. Other vocalists are said to be included.
    • The first promotional video for the game can be seen at PlayStation Japan's PS Vita no Gametenkoku Youtube channel.
    • Another trailer for Ciel nosurge was shown at the Game no Dengeki Kansha Matsuri Dengeki stage; people who attended in person could use the product code they received to view it online. The new title Gust has planned is another Atelier game for the PlayStation 3 with a tentative June release date. The official name and website for it will be revealed on March 29th. Visit Dengeki Online to see photos and other details revealed at the event.
    • The director and three voice actors involved with Ciel nosurge will be appearing April 1st at Anime Contents Expo for a talk show event.
    • Sample images for the game's Famitsu DX Pack is available for viewing online.
    • A new character for Ciel nosurge has been revealed in this week's video game magazines in Japan (Famitsu and Dengeki Playstation). Her name is Nei, which is short for Neiaflask (ネイアフラスク). She is voiced by Maaya Uchida. Other details regarding the game's system can be found within the issue.
    • The title of the newest Atelier game has also been revealed to be Atelier Ayesya ~Tasogare no Daichi no Renkinjutsushi~. The main protagonist is named Ayesya Arthur (アーシャ・アルトゥール; voiced by Marina Inoue) and her younger sister is named Nio (voiced by Mariya Ise). Both characters are the stars of this week's Dengeki Playstation cover. The game's character designer and illustrator is Hidari. Graphics will follow the style found in Atelier Meruru and the overall summary of the game suggests it will be played in a manner similar to previous titles. Consumers who pre-order the game can receive a drama CD. The game is currently scheduled to be available in Japan's stores on June 28th.


  • Hisashi Koinuma has stated on his personal Twitter that the games Koei-Tecmo intends to present for this year's E3 have already been decided. He also says a new title is going to be announced before the event in May.
  • Cospatio has created a real-life priestess costume for the protagonist in Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 5. It's a limited edition outfit which is scheduled to be available for purchase in June. Photos of the costume can be seen at their official website.
    • A special merchandise campaign for the sequel Kazahanaki is available online at Gamecity Shopping. Buyers can obtain new printed images of the cast and rubber coasters. Purchasing Haruka 5 or Kazahanaki through the campaign page gives buyers two original mini-stories, a small tote bag, and an Amami message card.
  • Namco Bandai Global Gamers Day 2012 has announced the localized name for One Piece Kaizoku Musou and a tentative release date for Europe and North America. The Dengeki report lists other titles that were revealed or announced for localization.
  • Interested fans who want the artbook included in Sangokushi 12's Treasure Box edition can still obtain it without getting the special boxed set. It includes illustrations and descriptions for over 100 generals. The official website has updated its layout.
    • Sangokushi 12 was featured in the third Koei-Tecmo LIVE! broadcast with the game's producer as a guest. He personally played the game during his explanation of the game's features.
    • The game's completion meeting took place on April 11th, 14:15 (JST). Masaya Takatsuka and idol Kohinata Eri were introduced and asked to share their personal experiences with the series (both professed to be avid fans). Unlike his earlier presentation in the aforementioned web program, Ken Kitami showed Liu Bei in the year 200 (for the domestic stages) and Cao Cao in the year 195 (for the battle system). A strategy outside of battle was used in Cao Cao's attack on Lu Bu's army. A voiced event between Zhuge Liang and Zhou Yu was also played briefly. The online versus mode can be downloaded on April 17th and service begins on April 20th. A Q-and-A session with the audience and Kitami concluded the meeting.
    • A trial version of the game can be downloaded. It is set during the Yellow Turban Rebellion and the player's character is He Jin. Players who play it have a chance to win a PC or a tablet as a part of Koei's campaign for it.
    • A tie-in campaign with the franchise's social game is taking place for the game. Similar to Samurai Warriors 3: Empires, player can earn codes as they play through Sangokushi 12. These codes can be used to obtain various bonuses in 100man-nin no Sangokushi. The reverse can be done in the social game to obtain new items for the PC game.
  • The mascot dolls for Nobunyaga no Yabou will be appearing in crane machines in Sega Game Centers throughout Japan this month. People who obtain one of the dolls can use the attached serial code to obtain a new Treasure Toyotomii Hideyoshi card.
  • 100man-nin no Daikoukai-jidai is hosting an event to subjugate Barbarossa and his pirates. Players can sail to northern Africa and accept Queen consort Isabella's request to stop them. Rare pirates can be obtained from the event, including Barbarossa himself.
    • The social game has updated its services to be available for Mac users. Its update also includes a graphical, system, and character renewal for both versions of the game. Two new event cards can be obtained by players.
  • Dynasty Warriors Online is going to have a Zhao Yun themed update on April 12th. Players can obtain a strengthened version of his weapon and parts of his model for their avatars. Other items and campaigns are listed in the press report.
    • The online game is celebrating Golden Week (Japan's week of scattered holidays) with two events. One encourages players to fight in the game's arena section to obtain special items. The other allows players to obtain a spring themed outfit or a miniature panda for their avatars.
  • Pokémon Plus Nobunaga no Yabou is being localized in the west as Pokémon Conquest.
  • Japanese servers for Uncharted Waters Online will be hosting a spring friend campaign. Users can obtain bonus items and stats if six or more users log-in and board the same boat. A rare haori-hakama outfit can be obtained as well.
    • A memorial event for the "1st Age" of the online game is taking place on May 1st. Players can obtain exclusive items, partake in special quests, contests, and other campaigns to celebrate the end of the MMORPG's current world. One of the campaigns ties into the series social game, which allows players to obtain two characters from Online as super rare cards.
  • Nobunaga no Yabou Online is undergoing an assist campaign for users of its latest expansion, Houoh no Shou. Players can learn and experience the town and retainer systems with Hideyoshi and Nene.
    • The event starring Ginchiyo and her white cat begins on April 18th. The official website summarizes the event for players. It is the first event which allows fans to hear her voice.
  • Koei-Tecmo's April Fools jokes for this year include a Dian Wei with hair, Cat or Alive, and extended Dream Sequences in my GAMECITY.
  • The first Gust stage event will take place on July 1st. Atelier and Ciel nosurge fans can see voice actors act out live dramas on stage. So far Rorona (Mai Kadowaki), Totori (Kaori Nazuka), and Meruru (Satomi Akesaka) have been announced to appear.
    • New screenshots for Atelier Ayesha can be seen online at 4Gamer. The information reported for Ciel nosurge -surge concerto- ~Ushiwareta Hoshi he Sasugu Uta~ last month in Dengeki Playstation and Famitsu issues is now available for viewing online.
    • A Famitsu DX Pack for Atelier Ayesha is available.
    • The director of Atelier Ayesha says he wants to present a new and revised version of the game's world to appeal to a wider audience. His further thoughts regarding the title can be seen in his interview with Famitsu.
    • A report of the Anime Expo Contents 2012 stage event can be seen at Dengeki.
    • Ciel nosurge's completion meeting took place on April 11th, 13:30 (JST). The game's opening movie was shown before Yoichi Erikawa, Kazuo Aoyagi (Gust's president), and Hiro Kouno (SCEI's president) expressed their gratitude for the people who helped made the game's completion possible and to thank the people who were present. Akira Tsuchira, the game's director, talked about the game as pre-recorded footage was played. The players can chat with the mysterious amnesic heroine, Ion, in a typical dating simulation-like fashion. Barcodes from whatever product the player has on hand can be registered into the game to generate fairies, or Sharl, within Ion's dream world. These fairies can be collected, customized, and used to help other players. Through these interactions, the player's in-game world is changed. This is required to restore Ion's memories and to unlock new sections of the game to enjoy. Three voice actors (Ai Kakuma, Inori Minase, Nana Inoue) commented about their respective characters for Ciel nosurge (Ion, Cathy, Kanon). A Q-and-A session with the audience and Tsuchiura concluded the meeting. Photos of the event can be seen in press reports.
    • Ciel nosurge also appeared on Famitsu Live later the same day. The first DLC outfit for Ion and other illustrations for her character were shown.
    • An interview with Ai Kakuma can be seen at Playcommu. The completion meeting also has its own post. Another journal log of a web designer's playthrough can be seen online, along with images of the Agent Pack edition. Ciel nosurge is also one of the titles that will be at SCEI's booth in the Nico Nico Super Meeting (April 28th~29th).
    • Detailed screenshots and renders of the two characters in Atelier Ayesha –who were introduced in Dengeki PlayStation and Famitsu early this month– are now available for viewing online. Ayesha and Nio are joined by Regina Curtis and Keithgrif Hazeldine.
    • A countdown page for Ciel nosurge has opened. Videos, illustrations, and commentary are available for visitors and will update each day until April 26th.
    • Gust Gala has updated its website to include more participants and information for the event. Interested fans can now purchase their tickts online at Gamecity or eplus.


  • Oda Nobunyaga will be appearing as a guest at the Azuchi Nobunaga Festival. Fans can see him and take photos of him on June 3rd.
  • A few early bird announcements for upcoming Neoromance related products were made public in this week's episode of Koei-Tecmo LIVE!.
    • Nobunaga no Yabou Online is holding a nine year anniversary world event for players. The producer will introduce it and various figures in the next episode of Koei-Tecmo LIVE!.
  • Gemini has finished compiling 2011 sales ratings for Japanese video game companies. Viewers can see the rankings based on either Media Create or Weekly Famitsu reports for a total of 1,000 different titles.
  • Consumers who purchase Famitsu Mobage Vol. 5 can obtain an exclusive Horatio Nelson card for 100man-nin no Daikoku-jidai. Players can see the special version of him at Famitsu.
  • Uncharted Waters Online is going to have a live event on May 29th for the Japanese servers. The event is a part of the "1st Age Memorial" campaign, in which players enjoy the MMORPG's current world state before the upcoming 2nd Age expansion. Details and photos of the event are available for viewing at Online Gamer.
  • A Kin'iro no Corda summer sale is taking place at Gamecity Shopping. Fans can get discount prices on certain merchandise and versions of the games.
  • The Gamecity online advertising pages of the DVD recordings of Neoromance ♥ Festa Haruka Matsuri 2012 and JAPAN Otome ♥ Festival 2 are now available for viewing.
  • A challenge Twitter campaign is being held for Warriors fans regarding the new original character appearing in Musou Orochi 2: Special. If fans can correctly guess the character's identity in the campaign's Twitter link, they can win a prize. There are prizes available for people who guess correctly with no hint (3 person limit) and for those who are right once there is a hint (May 21st; 5 person limit). The new character's identity will be officially revealed to the public on June 7th.
  • Dynasty Warriors Online is having another Gan Ning themed update for the Ryujin Ranbu expansion on May 17th. Player avatars can tinker with his new weapon capabilities and can earn a green tinted version of his costume. Other events and images can be seen at OnlineGamer.
  • Koei-Tecmo's stocks are doing much better this year in March than they were in 2011. They have reached approximately 35,525,000,000 yen in gross sales, 5,758,000,000 yen operating profit, 7,472,000,000 yen recurring profit, and 4,640,000,000 yen beneficial earnings. The collaboration titles, downloadable content, and their social games have contributed to the increased profits. NINJA GAIDEN 3 has globally sold a total of 630,000 units during the month.
  • Buyers of Sangokushi 12's three guidebooks can obtain serial codes for new additions in the game. The character databook includes unlocks 10 figures from the bonus Japanese Warring States period. An original Tong Gate scenario is in the first handbook and 7 characters can be obtained from the second handbook.
  • Neoromance ♥ Festa 13 is scheduled to take place on July 28th and 29th. For the first time, characters in the Neoromance franchises formally interact with Samurai Warriors characters on the same stage. More information regarding the cast for the event is available for viewing on the official website.
  • Ayesha Atelier has updated its official website with the information reported during the third week of April from various video game magazines. Some tidbits include two new characters introduced to the cast.
    • Gust Gala has updated its website to include an announcement for another Ciel nosurge media appearance. Two voice actors will appear in TOKUSHIMA Machi★Asobi vol.8 on May 4th.
    • More voice actors and guests have been scheduled to appear at Gust Gala.
    • Character voices and the opening movie for Ayesha Atelier is available for viewing. The gameplay footage of the game will be online sometime this month.
    • The two new characters who were introduced in video game magazines in the first week of May now have screenshots online.


  • Koei-Tecmo is sponsoring a Japanese qualification test for Oda Nobunaga's history which is scheduled to take place February 2013. It is called "Nobunaga of the Warring States History Test". People who pass the exam will be recognized as a Nobunaga expert by various Japanese companies.
  • 100man-nin no Winning Post is performing a live collaboration with Tokyo City Keiba. The collaboration includes a two day in-game event and a downloadable serial to mirror the races on June 27th~28th.
  • Oda Nobunyaga will be appearing at this year's Sekigahara Event. Attendees can also receive a free serial for the rare Higuchi Nyaroku card.
  • Dynasty Warriors Online is going to host another Xiahou Dun themed event on its Japanese servers starting on June 21st. Players can earn a revised version of his moveset and parts of his model for their characters. Parts for the new cowboy design and other details with the late month update can be seen at 4Gamer.
  • Daikoku-Jidai Online is hosting a limited time adjutant campaign for users. Players who obtain the military appointment earn 50% extra benefits for 10 days. The campaign begins on Japanese servers on June 19th and ends on July 3rd.
    • The expansion pack 2nd Age is going to be available for purchase in Japan on September 20th, 2012. 2nd Age will allow players to tinker with their "World Clock", a feature which can switch between two different time eras. A few of the new events included with 2nd Age are new treasure hunts, a sea fight with a famed pirate called Ganador, and a chance to support a Roman emperor's accession to power.
  • A promotional site for the Kiniro no Corda 3 CD box set is up for viewing. The CD's artwork is done by Poporucha, the same illustrator for LoveφSummit. It will be available for purchase on July 25th.
  • Nobunaga no Yabou Online is moving onwards from Okehazama to Nagashino in July. Interested fans can see the details of the update on the official site.
    • A page to celebrate the online game's upcoming ten year anniversary is up for viewing. It encourages registered players to interact with one another for gifts and prizes.
  • E3 2012 is taking place the beginning of this month. Tecmo Koei America's official site for the event can be seen here. The new trailers for the event are posted on the European youtube channel.
  • Atelier Ayesha has updated its official website with another gameplay video. Interested fans can also read the Gust interview for the game at Animate.
    • 4Gamer has posted an introductory play report of the game, including various new screenshots. They summarize the game as one which is made to appeal to a wide audience, perhaps easier to draw in Totori and Meruru fans with its new world and characters. Additional gameplay footage can be seen at Play.Community.
    • CDs for this game will be available for purchase online Gamecity. This includes a character image CD for the Ayesha cast.
    • The three characters introduced in video game publications for Ayesha Atelier last week can now be viewed online. One of the characters is voiced by Kenji Nojima.
    • A countdown site is up for viewing. It includes video commentary, illustrations, and other tidbits for fans to enjoy before the game's release in Japan.
    • A press event for the game's completion will be broadcast live on Nico Nico Live. The presentation will include live gameplay footage and two voice actors as special guests. A report of the event can be seen at Dengeki.



  • Gintama no Sugoroku's parody of the Warriors logo, music, and catchphrase is a one-time gig. This was confirmed by developers in Bandai-Namco Games in this week's issue of Shounen Jump, where it was stated that executives from Koei-Tecmo were apparently offended by the resemblance. Gintama often parodies or cynically lampoons topics in Japan's popular culture, so the stunt is common for the franchise.
  • The first ever Neoromance celebration for Halloween will take place this year. The one day event's teaser page is up for viewing.
  • Gamer posted their first day, first show photo report of Neoromance ♥ Festa 13.
  • Gamecity Shopping is hosting a pamphlet and DVD sale for Koei's live stage events.
  • An anniversary book for 100man-nin no Kiniro no Corda will be on sale in September.
  • Informational websites for two DVDs are available. One of them is Neoromance ♥ Festa 13 inviting Sengoku Musou and the other is a Neo Angelique box set of the live events.
  • Neoromance ♥ Festa Harukanaru Toki no Naka de & La Corda d'oro will have a special Tohko Mizuno and Yuki Kure exhibition. The two artists are the character designers/character illustrators of the two franchises. Three campaigns for the series's social games will be available exclusively at the event.
  • 100man-nin no Nobunaga no Yabou is celebrating two years of service with a grab bag and campaign. Users can obtain a special Nobunaga image for logging in and can fight beside an exclusive Nobunaga within the campaign.
  • 100man-nin no Harukanaru Toki no Naka de will begin its services on August 16th.
    • Fans who purchase the character image CD for the game can obtain an item serial for their purchase.
  • Ciel nosurge's director, Akira Tsuchiura, is one of the three game creators who talked about the PS Vita's 3G system. The second part of the interview is here.
    • Two specially illustrated cards of Ion will be available for fans who purchase Dengeki's PlayStation magazine. The offer is open until the end of August. Another summer Dengeki special for fans has been hinted within the report.
    • Akira Tsuchiura (director) and Ryousuke Nara (voice actor for DLC character Shirotaka) will be MCs in a live stream for Ciel nosurage called Ciel nosurge ~Shukudai~. Fans are invited to watch and send their questions to them live to celebrate the tail end of their summer vacation.
  • Shin Sangoku Musou Online Ryujin Ranbu will revisit Cao Cao's weapon on August 16th. Players can tinker with the revamped version of his weapon and collect his costume for their avatars. Other future updates include Xiao Qiao's costume and other items.
  • 100man-nin no Winning Post received an award for excellence in the GREE Platform Awards.
  • This year's Tokyo Game Show Cosplay Contest has extended its focus beyond Omega Force and Team NINJA franchises to include other IPs from Koei-Tecmo such as any of the Neoromance franchises, the Fatal Frame series, and Gust IPs. The only franchises ineligible for the contest are the Bandai-Namco and Nintendo collaboration projects (One Piece, Gundam, Murasame, and Pokémon).
  • 2nd Age, the newest expansion for Daikoku-jidai Online, is going to be released in Japan on August 7th. The MMORPG is conducting two events to celebrate the expansion and six other campaigns have been announced for the expansion.
    • Another new announcement for 2nd Age is the town of Frankfurt. Within this town, players can explore the MMORPG's new feature of electing a new Holy Roman Emperor. A render of Holy Roman Emperor Karl V and other details with the update can be seen in the press report.
    • 2nd Age will include a new enemy NPC type for naval battles called ganadores. These expert sailors are the NPC types for Álvaro de Bazán or Francis Drake. Once a ganador battle is initiated, both forces may down their ships unlimited times within a time limit; the one who sunk the most ships wins. Details and images are in the press report.
    • Players who download the trial version of 2nd Age can obtain rewards for answering a survey and logging in to their account.
  • Nobunaga no Yabou Online is celebrating its annual fireworks festival. Details and images can be seen within the press report.
    • The game's my GAMECITY community hosted a survey asking players to name their favorite figure of its historical setting. The poll ended on August 1st, and the results were announced on the official Facebook page.
    • Developers have revealed an incoming update which allows an avatar's retainers to accompany them into dungeons from previous expansions. The third chapter of the MMORPG and seasonal changes will also take place in autumn.





  • 4Gamer asked several game creators their thoughts for the entertainment world this year. Six different developers at Koei-Tecmo answered with their reply. This year's creators are Keinichi Ogasawara, Ken Kitami, Tomokazu Takeda, Yousuke Hayashi, Hidehisa Yamaguchi, and Tomohiro Watanabe.
  • Kou Shibusawa announced a new social game, AKB48 no Yabou. It combines photos and trivia of the popular Japanese idol group with basic elements from Nobunaga's Ambition. AKB48's producer, Yasushi Akimoto, has always been a fan of the game franchise and Kou Shibusawa has been a fan of the idol group since 2010, even referencing them in a previous title. The game's setting is a fictional world called Le Chant; the idols are portrayed as singing priestesses or other fictional figures within it. According to Minami Takahashi, it is not a romance or dating title. AKB48 no Yabou is free to play and is scheduled to appear in Japan sometime in January next year.
  • A few of Geten no Hana's colored illustrations which were shown at Starlight Xmas 2012 are up for viewing on its official website.
    • The new images which were revealed in this month's B's Log are up for viewing on the official website.
    • This game is the focus title of the Neoromance Alamode stage revival event, Alamode 5 with Geten no Hana. It will take place March 9th~10th as an early celebration for White Day.
    • White Day is also the scheduled date for its availability in stores. The news for the game's Treasure Box is up online.
  • Winning Post 7 2013, the latest edition of the series's seventh title, will be available for the PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Portable next year in spring. Details and release dates can be viewed on the official website.
  • Shin Sangoku Musou Online ~Ryujin Ranbu~ has announced its revised Sun Quan themed event and its Christmas campaigns for this month.
  • Koei-Tecmo received a reward and thanks from the Red Feather Community Chest, a fund-raising organization which seeks to help refugees and businesses recover from the natural disasters which struck the Tohoku region last year in March. Red Feather have recognized Koei-Tecmo's accumulative 100 million yen donations and its non-profit support for the volunteer group, Community FM Broadcasting System, to have been a "contribution and accomplishment for society".
  • Oda Nobunaga, Date Masiamune, and Utsunomiyah Kunitsuna are scheduled to appear at Tecmopia, Sekigahara Matsuri 2012, and Jump Festa 2013 this month. Fans can obtain special Nobunyaga no Yabou serial codes if they visit them in person, one of which includes an entirely new character card.
  • Upcoming updates for Nobunaga no Yabou Online include celebrating the MMORPG's ten year anniversary in December and January.
    • A page for the ten year anniversary events is up for viewing. Two campaigns are being held for its my GAMECITY community. One rewards players for inviting my GAMECITY users to return or join the game. The other asks players of all levels to share their fondest memories playing the MMORPG. Entries will be compiled into a memorial album for the game. Three contestants can receive the ten year anniversary box for free.
    • A special page for the new year's events is up for viewing.
  • The Christmas themed update for Daikoukai Jidai Online 2nd Age has been announced with events and screenshots. Players who participate in this year's events can obtain various presents and different santa suits than years prior.
    • Previews for the second big update, Griffon's Wings, is up for viewing online. Japanese players can experience it themselves in January 2013.
    • Six net cafe campaigns in Japan are taking place the second half of this month until late January next year. Next year's new year present is up for viewing.
  • A new One Piece: Pirate Warriors sequel has been announced for the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.

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