21st Century Boy (21センチュリー・ボーイ) is one of the songs performed by Japanese two-man unit, COIL. It appears on their eighth single, Soft Machine, and their fifth album, AUTO REVERSE. The song is one of the many found in Japan which pays homage to the bands, Bad Religion and King Crimson.

The entire song plays during Gitaroo-Man's ending credits. The unit performs both versions of the song.


Lyrics, Composition: Yosuke Sato
Arrangement: Mitsuhiro Yokota
Imperial Records label

Japanese LyricsEdit

会えない回数 数えてる最中
絵になるライフ 居眠りの最中
Take you 無限の宙へ 
いつかTake you 浮かぶ街まで
からっぽのサイフ 眺めてる最中
Make it これさえあれば 
きっとMake it 冷や汗かいた

matatakuyouna jikan ga sugite
kimi ni aenai hibi ga kuru
tobi-agaru rokketo no naka de
miokuri no kimi ni namida
aenai kaisu kazoeteru saichuu
kiri-hanashi aizu naridashita
raguranju ten ni ukabu
coronii ga chikazuitekite
atarashii machi no naka de
kimi to sugosu yume wo miteta
en ni naru raifu inemuri no saichuu
chakuriku no aizu naridashita
Take you mugen no sora he
itsuka Take you ukabu machi made
souda renkyuu mukae ni yuku yo
ato de meiru wo okuru yo
karappo no saifu nagameteru saichu
tamatteita mairu mitsukatta
Make it kore sae areba
kitto Make it hi ya ase kaita
dakedo heiki shippanaikara
ato de chiketto okuru yo

In no time at all
the days when I can't see you have come
As I board the rocket ready for take off
I can see you watching me leave with tears streaming down your cheeks
While I count away the number of days I can't see you,
the signal for liftoff goes off
Floating in Lagrange point,
I approach the colony
and within this new town
I can only dream of the days I spent with you
During my snooze of this picturesque life,
the landing signal sounded
I'll Take you to the infinite sky
Someday I'll Take you to this floating city
Yeah, I'll come pick up on a holiday
I'll text you later to tell you when
I'm looking at my empty wallet
I see the miles I had saved
We can Make it with this
I'll know we'll Make it, I say in a cold sweat
But don't worry, it'll be okay
I'll get a ticket later and send it to you

English LyricsEdit

Time come fast like a dream over night
Fast approaching a lonely day without you
Three-two-one, we have to leave the flight to you, down there
Cuing the rocket might keep us in the air
All I'm thinking right now is all the time without you
Take-off signal sounded, I have to go now
Landing down here to the colonies I see
Floating up to the Lagrange's point
Have these dreams about you, and I want to leave for you
To your planet and down to your house
Like the picture postcard with a middle of our dock on
The landing signal sounded, I have to go now
I'll take you to the endless universe
I'll likely take you to the brand new floating town
Next vacation I'll come and pick you up
I'll send you a mail down
My wallet's empty right now so how can I invite you?
I'll find a way, it's my IQ, we'll make it my way
We'll make it right even using this
Oh we can make it from going through all this
Don't you worry, it's gonna be alright
I'll send you a ticket as soon as possible

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