Abyss Gundam
Abyss Gundam (DWGR)
Mobile Suit Information
Series Appearance(s): Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny
Main Pilot(s): Auel Neider
Height: 17.84 meters
Weight: 92.39 metric tons
Weapon(s): MMI-GAU1717 12.5mm CIWS
M107 "Balaena Kai" Dual beam cannon
M68 Dual cannon
MA-X223E 3-barrel Beam cannon 2x
MGX-2235 "Callidus" Multi-phase Beam cannon
MMI-TT101 Mk9 High-speed Guided torpedo 4x
MX-RQB516 Beam lance
First Appearance: Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn

ZGMF-X31S Abyss Gundam is one of the three Second Stage Series Gundams developed by ZAFT. All three units were stolen during Phantom Pain's invasion of Armory One, the Abyss falling into the hands of Auel Neider, one of their ace and Extended pilots. The Abyss excels in aquatic-based combat, though is perfectly capable of fighting in outer space or on the ground. Of the three, it is easily the most heavily armed, equipped with various beam cannons on its upper body, including six beam cannons inside of its wing binders. Its primary weapon is a beam lance useful for impaling enemies from a distance or slicing through battleships.

Battle DataEdit


Keys Square Normal Attack Tri Charge Attack Circle SP Attack X Dash/Boost Dash

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam RebornEdit

Square, Square, Square, Square: Two slices with its beam lance, then twirls it above its head, followed by a diagonal slash.
Tri: Fires a volley from its vulcans. Can fire up to five times.
Hold Tri: Fires linked torpedoes from its wing binders.
Square, Tri: Thrusts with its beam saber. If it connects with an enemy mobile suit, it will impale them, then tosses them into the air.
Square, Square, Tri: Fires a shot from its chest-mounted beam cannon
Square, Square, Square, Tri: Fires a sweeping barrage of beam shots from its wing binder-mounted beam cannons.
Circle: Slashes wildly while moving forward, followed by a rising slash that knocks enemies into the air and blasts them with a shot from its chest-mounted beam cannon while they're still in midair.
Square, Square, Square, Square, Square: Transforms into MA mode and weaves about firing torpedoes as if it was swimming.
Square, Tri: Spins and fires a linked shot from its beam cannons.
Circle: Fires a concentrated barrage of beam energy from its beam weapons.
X, X: Transforms into MA Mode.
X, X, Square: Fires a linked shot from its beam cannons.

Special EquipmentEdit

In the fourth title, all units use a Burst Mode rather than special passive equipment.

Burst ModeEdit
  • Deuterion Engine: Gradually restores HP.

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