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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Achilles.

Warriors Orochi 3Edit

  • "I need no protection from the gods!"
  • "Behold! Those who challenge me are fated to die!"
  • "Even the gods themselves cannot save our enemies!"
  • "Hmph! This victory will never go down in legend."
  • "With my sword bathed in blood, I took the glory that was rightfully mine."
  • "Take this. I have a feeling you will get some use out of it."
  • "I see you have seized the glory as your own."
  • "Hmph! You're worthless."
  • "I sacrificed many enemy soldiers to Hades in the last battle. Next time, I will ensure that the queue for the Underworld is even longer!"
  • "Staining his sword in blood is the pride of a Myrmidon! How can you not let me go to battle?!"
  • "Lately, I've participated in many battles. I assume Ares is satisfied with all of the blood I have offered him."
  • "This is quite the party... Hey, you over there! Come by my tent later!"
  • "I am invincible!"
  • "I, Achilles, am the ultimate warrior! I shall bring down the gods themselves!"
  • "You are the ultimate warrior in this world!"
  • "The piles of dead in your wake are testament to your might. You are like a lion, proud and powerful!"
  • "Da Ji. One thousand foes are nothing more than hapless prey before you."
  • "Your weapon drips with the blood of one thousand... A new legend is born, from a mediocre poet."
  • "Lu Bu, you are truly the greatest warrior!"
  • "You think you can defeat me...?! Never! You'll see what I can do!"
  • "Apparently I cannot be killed. Now I think I must find out the truth."
  • "At least you take part in this farcical hunt."
  • "You are quite the brave fighter."
  • "I do not get along with anyone. Remember that."
  • "If your intent is to aid me then get started!"
  • "You would do well to curse the fate that placed you before me."
  • "Even if it was luck, you may take pride in having defeated me."
  • "Very impressive."
  • "Show me what you can do, then."
  • "I know of other goddesses like you - cruel and jealous."
  • "You are on the edge of the pantheon, if that. I need not your protection."
  • "Though a poor imitator of Homer, he does have some skill..."
  • "What have you carried that stupid face here for?"
  • "Hah! More akin to savage beast than man!"
  • "So you have come, beast-warrior..."
  • "At least you take part in this farcical hunt. I've seen lesser leaders just cower behind their men."
  • "You have some measure of bravery. That might prove useful."
  • "I prefer to fight alone. You may call it arrogance, I call it the pride of a mighty warrior."
  • "If your intent is to aid me then get started! Stain your sword with blood if you desire glory!"
  • "Curse the fate that placed you before me, because it is there that you shall die."
  • "Take pride in having defeated me, by luck though it was. I am not finished yet, however..."
  • "Very impressive. I see why you think so highly of yourself."
  • "Show me what you can do. Let us resist the fate laid out by the gods."
  • "I know of other goddesses like you, cruel and jealous... yet beautiful."
  • "I need not your protection, lesser deity. But if you wish to hunt a little, I will not stop you."
  • "Though a poor imitator of Homer, he does have some skill... With his intellect and bravery, maybe he is closer to Odysseus?"
  • "What a face you have! I suppose I should praise you for having read the battle so well."
  • "Hah! Like a wild beast. I never thought I would find a warrior here who could match myself."
  • "So you have come, beast-warrior. Let us pile here a mountain of corpses."
  • "Impressive. You have the bearing of a born leader."
  • "Very good... This much blood would please even Ares, the god of war."
  • "Let us drench this battlefield in blood. We shall share the glory between us!"
  • "Let us escape this deadland, for the sake of the glory we must obtain."
  • "Hero from another world, your name shall be carved into legend once my sword has carved into your chest."
  • "My legend shall stand firm. It took one such as you to defeat me, after all."
  • "Impressive, Nemea. I would wager you could defeat even Hercules."
  • "You stand with me, Nemea the hero? Then overturning this fate shall prove simple indeed."
  • "You are a fine woman. With the blood splattered on your face... perfection."
  • "Da Ji, stand at my side. The smell of blood suits you."
  • "He fights well. Even the great Odysseus could do no better."
  • "You've come to see me fight, you mediocre poet? I expect your best work in recording my deeds."
  • "Hah. With you on the battlefield, I must subsist on scraps."
  • "Ah, Lu Bu. There are plenty of them left. Let us divide them between us."
  • "You should be honored to die by my hand."
  • "It seems you're not the same as these other weaklings."
  • "Very well. No more games."
  • "You must not have faith in your skills to wear so much armor."
  • "Apparently, there is more to you than just good looks."
  • "I like your face! Too bad it's not going to survive this battle unscarred!"
  • "Everybody else, stay out of this. I'll handle her myself."
  • "How dare you humiliate me?!"
  • "Now you've done it! There won't be anything left when I'm through with you!"
  • "The dead should stay dead!"
  • "Foolish poet! I'll crush you and your childish toy where you stand!"
  • "We'll see if you can still make pithy remarks after I've cut out your tongue!"
  • "Don't you know who I am, foul beast?"
  • "So you wish to have an honorable battle? I suppose you have something of a warrior's spirit in you after all."
  • "Hahahahaha! Very well! I shall harvest your blood and serve it to Ares himself!"
  • "It won't be long before you're back in Hades."
  • "Oh, I thought you were Ajax, but I see I was mistaken."
  • "You talk big for such a little man."
  • "I'll show you exactly what happens to fools who think they can beat me."

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