Akio Otsuka (大塚 明夫, Ōtsuka Akio, born November 24, 1959 in Tokyo) is a Japanese voice actor affiliated with Mausu Promotion since 1988. His father was veteran actor Chikao Otsuka. He married fellow voice actress Yoko Soumi in 2005, but the two of them divorced three years later. In 2017, Otsuka reportedly wedded another woman, though her identity is kept anonymous from the public. His skills include motorcycling, karate, and the Ibaraki dialect.

Otsuka is known for his distinct low key performances. A few of them are the main protagonists under the Snake codename in the Metal Gear Solid series, Black Jack in many animated Black Jack works since the '90s, and Zouroku in Alice to Zouroku. He is also the official Japanese voice for Nicolas Cage and Steven Seagal in the dubbing industry.

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