Tsarevna Alena
Character Information
Allegiance(s): Zamoksva
Voice Actor(s):
Denise Gough (EN)
Shoko Nakagawa (JP)
First Appearance: Dragon Quest Heroes
Dragon Quest IV party member.

Tsarevna Alena (アリーナ) is a playable character in Dragon Quest Heroes. Her character is a reprisal of her debut appearance.

Role in GameEdit

Alena is the princess of a martial arts kingdom. Wishing to test her mettle to the world, she runs away from home for a life of adventure.

Character InformationEdit


Nakagawa was selected for Alena because Horii thought her voice best fit with the character. She has been a fan of the series since her childhood and is pleased to contribute to her nostalgia. She projected her image of Alena as an "energetic upstart" of a girl into her performances. Nakagawa later commented in an interview that she feels like her career was fated to lead her to this part, again expressing enthusiasm to have been chosen for one of her favorite characters and to read the fans' active feedback.

Horii remarked they gave her short shorts for her default outfit to better fit with an action image. After he became aware of fan complaints regarding her look, he asked for the team to include a version of her with her black tights.


She is tomboyish and headstrong. It would be hard to identify her as royalty at first glance.


Keys Square Attack 1 • Tri Attack 2Circle Skill/MagicX Jump
Finishing Blow


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Fighting StyleEdit


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