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Character Information
Allegiance(s): Pars
(father, deceased)
(older brother)
Light bow
Wave sword
Voice Actor(s):
Manami Numakura

Alfarīd (アルフリード) is a major character in The Heroic Legend of Arslan and a playable character in Arslan: The Warriors of Legend. Alfarīd is first seen when her father and his followers are killed by Silvermask. Though bloodthirsty for revenge, her foe is out of her league. Narsus rescues her and consoles her over her loss. Charmed by her savior, Alfarīd follows him into Arslan's forces as his self-proclaimed wife.


Skilled with sword, bow and horsemanship, Alfarīd prides herself as a warrior worthy of her Zott roots. She is headstrong and tomboyish, stubbornly sticking to her beliefs through thick and thin. Even during her leisure, Alfarīd is always moving; she knows the value of hard labor and cheerfully wants to help others. The bandit would rather look after those in immediate need than debate the philosophies or politics of the war.

Whenever she has the chance, Alfarīd makes an effort to fawn over Narsus. She tries to spoil him with feminine allure, seemingly unaware that her advances are not appreciated. Her fascination with Narsus often causes arguments with Elam. Alfarīd respects and admires Farangis's composure, frequently visiting her senior for heartfelt consolation.


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Sword 6 (AWL) Feather Sword
Type: Sword
Bridal Knife (AWL) Bridal Knife
Type: Sword
Bow (AWL) Light Bow
Type: Bow


Keys: Square Normal Attack • Tri Charge AttackCircle MusouX Jump/Mount

Fire Weapon Art
Tri: Alfarid flips back and fires three arrows.
Square, Tri: Alfarid jumps into the air while firing a spreading shot of arrows.
Square, Square, Tri: Alfarid rolls and jumps into the air firing some arrows down.
Square, Square, Square, Tri, Tri: Alfarid slides forward doing a kick, then fires some arrows forward.
Square, Square, Square, Square, Tri: Alfarid jumps into the air and rains a volley of arrows down on enemies, then finishes by firing an exploding shot.
Square, Square, Square, Square, Square, Tri: Alfarid does a spinning jump while firing arrows
R1: Alfarid fires an explosive arrow forward.
Circle: Alfarid kicks enemies into the air and fires a shot that causes an explosion.
Water Weapon Art
Square, Square, Tri, Tri: Alfarid runs to and grabs an enemy with her legs, spins around while twisting the head, then slams him/her down. Then kicks the enemy into the air and shoots him/her away with arrows.
Square, Square, Square, Square, Tri, Tri: Alfarid runs to an enemy, drops her heel on the target, then fires some arrows upward.
Square, Square, Square, Square, Square, Tri, Tri: Alfarid runs at the enemy, does a flying kick, then jumps into the air shaking the ground with her feet, then jumps again and fires a spreading shot of arrows.
Power Weapon Art
Fusion Weapon Art

Square, Square, Tri: Alfarid jumps into the air doing two slashes, comes back to the ground swinging her sword down.
Square, Square, Square, Square, Tri: Alfarid runs forward and swings her sword while hopping.


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