This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Alfarid.

  • "Leave it to me, the daughter of the Zot Clan chief!"
  • "Gotcha!"
  • "I'll make you burn! And this'll end you!"
  • "Take this!"
  • "Everybody set?"
  • "Let's make it good, guys!"
  • "Yashasueen!"
  • "It looks like I'm a true mardan!"
  • "Yes! We won!"
  • "I can't die here. I'm falling back."
  • "Alfarid of the Zot Clan is here. Everything will be okay now!"
  • "Do you really think you can defeat me?"
  • "With me! Come on!"
  • "You've done it now! I'll show you the pride of the Zot Clan!"
  • "You are a true mardan!"
  • "What impressive deeds! I'm right behind you."
  • "This is a gift from me. I hope you will accept it."
  • "I'll do everything I can to at least help a little."
  • "Incredible! A true mardan in action!"
  • "Wow, impressive! You're so reliable!"
  • "Can you use this? I think it's perfect for you."
  • "I'm pretty good with a bow. You can count on me!"
  • "Narsus! You're a true mardan!"
  • "That's my Narsus! So smart, and so strong. What more can I say?"
  • "This is for you! I want you to use it, Narsus."
  • "Ah, Narsus! You were worried about me!"
  • "Elam is a true mardan? I can't lose to him!"
  • "For some who's just Narsus' hanger-on, not bad."
  • "Here, take this! I'm only giving it to you because I don't need it."
  • "Elam! Do you need to protect me?"
  • "Now you face Alfarid, the daughter of the Zot Clan Chief!"
  • "If we meet again, I'll be sure to defeat you!"

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