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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Alvida.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3Edit

  • "Let's move out now."
  • "Let's get this started!"
  • "Everyone, go for it!!"
  • "I won't give you a single inch!"
  • "Do you think you can get away from me?"
  • "Hilarious! Let's see what you can do!"
  • "Whatever happens, this is a fight I have to win!"
  • "I won't permit any screw-ups!"
  • "You want to capture me? That won't happen."
  • "You're brave at least, making me your enemy."
  • "Stop with the depressed faces! You're scaring off our luck."
  • "This will be easy, with my power and beauty!"
  • "You're too weak to even notice!"
  • "Unfortunately for you, I prefer strong men."
  • "My perfect skin can't be injured!"
  • "I didn't feel anything from that."
  • "I might have wanted to keep you if you were a bit stronger."
  • "You're so sloppy! You'll never catch me like that!"
  • "Stop acting tough, and just kneel before me."
  • "I'm disappointed, Buggy! I thought you were stronger."
  • "You're kind of pretty, but you're nothing next to my perfect skin."
  • "Eating the Smooth-Smooth Fruit made me strong, but my beauty is unchanged!"
  • "What's the most beautiful thing on the sea? That's right, I am."
  • "My smooth, perfect skin is truly unrivaled in this world!"
  • "Aren't you tough! Too bad you're in the Marines."
  • "That brutal attack... It left me tingling."
  • "You're strong! I want to keep you."
  • "These good'fer nothings! It's time to show you my true power!"
  • "This may be it for me..."
  • "Thank you for coming."
  • "Are you trying to show off for me?"
  • "If you want this territory, try winning it from me."
  • "The enemies have some tough guys on their side, too."
  • "I didn't feel anything from that. Let's heat things up!"
  • "You're all mine, Luffy."
  • "Wonderful, Hancock! Together, we could rule all the world's men!"
  • "Your captain and I go back a long time... Yep, can't compare them to anyone else."
  • "There are millions of men trying to woo me! I won't fight you unless you're strong enough."
  • "You're almost as pretty as I am."
  • "Hey, you better keep your eyes on the battle! Must be hard fighting someone so beautiful as myself."
  • "I envy the enemies you defeat. I miss the way you hit me that time."
  • "Did I bewitch you with my beauty?"
  • "Did my beauty inspire this passion?"
  • "All else aside, you're mine. Be ready!"
  • "Buggy, your maps are always nonsense. I guess I'll have to help you out!"
  • "Oh, you? You gonna show me a good time or what?"
  • "I guess nothing starts until I'm there!"
  • "Good, keep that up."
  • "You fight with passion. I like you."
  • "Excellent, Buggy!"
  • "Go berserk. I'll back you up."
  • "I love strong men! Show me more!"
  • "Nicely done! It's a terrible waste for men like you to be in the Marines."
  • "Nobody minds if we take this territory?"
  • "So you wanna fight with little ol' me? I don't think you can handle it!"
  • "That's what I saw in you, Luffy."
  • "I'll take this location."
  • "Did my beauty draw you here?"
  • "Do you think you can lay a finger on my beautiful skin?"
  • "Don't bother resisting! Just accept being mine."
  • "Did I bewitch you with my beauty?"
  • "They really did some damage."
  • "Mr. 3, stop this guy with your famous wax! I'm counting on you!"
  • "I am the most beautiful woman on the seas! You got something to say?"
  • "You're kind of pretty, but you're nothing next to my perfect skin."
  • "Is that a challenge? Then I accept!"
  • "Do you even think you can lay a finger on my beautiful skin?"
  • "Whoa, Nelly!! Get a look at this big shot! You have some seriously bad luck."
  • "Yesterday's ally can be tomorrow's enemy. I won't go easy on you."
  • "Try this on for size!"
  • "I was born beautiful, so I can't understand how frumpy women feel."
  • "My beauty is working against me... I just need to wait for help."
  • "The enemies have some tough guys on their side, too."
  • "Pretty manly! But how long can you last?"
  • "I'll show you that I don't run my ship with my looks alone."
  • "This is going nowhere."
  • "I'll let you have this win for now."
  • "I'll be responsible and pull back for now."
  • "My beauty drew the enemy. That's not too surprising."
  • "Victory is ours!"
  • "So many weak men... What a disappointment."
  • "I guess they really weren't our enemies."
  • "Well, that wasn't a bad fight."
  • "The enemy will probably give up, now."
  • "The ultimate victory! All of you, prepare the feast!"

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