Kessen - Amalia van Kyre

Amalia van Kyre is an original character introduced in Kessen III. She is a mercenary from the Netherlands who agrees to join Nobunaga. During the Warring States period, there was a war in Europe between the Spanish and the Dutch. With Spain's victory, many generals from the Netherlands traveled to other countries for refuge while some resumed their attack on Spain from the sea. Amalia most likely represents the generals that fled to Japan.

Role in GameEdit

Amalia is first seen as a commander of her group of mercenaries during the Siege of Sakai in chapter 4. She is captured after her defeat and demands for a quick decision from her prisoner. Nobunaga answers with an offer to serve him with a mountain of gold to seal the deal. She remains with him for the rest of the game, and she is one of the few main characters who stays at Azuchi Castle when Nobunaga divides his forces.

When Nobunaga counterattacks from Mitsuhide's betrayal and reunites with the westward Hideyoshi, Amalia privately confesses her fascination with him and his capabilities. They are often seen standing beside one another near the end of the game.

She also finds rivalry in a Spaniard named Pedro Cortes.

During the final epilogue cinematic, Amalia is seen beside Nobunaga and Kicho as they visit the King of Spain. It's implied that Amalia was the one who helped guide them for their overseas trip.

Character InformationEdit


As a veteran of combat, Amalia is confident in her strength and is impressed with bravado and cunning. She first aspires to live her life for the highest bidder, but the mercenary accepts the Oda as her true companions. It's implied that her toughness and drive to survive helped her brave the perilous journey overseas, albeit unwillingly. Her grudge and familiarity with Petro alludes that she may have had lost to him sometime before she left her homeland.

Unlike Kicho and Yoshino, Amalia respects Nobunaga as her employer and has no romantic interests in him. She would rather be the one taking care of her mate. Her flirtations with Hideyoshi suggests as much.

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Mami Kingetsu - Japanese voice


  • "You have no regrets? We'll see about that!"
  • "It seems that Lord Nobunaga has many admirers."
  • "My Lord Nobunaga will soon have mastered all that the West can teach him."

Fighting StyleEdit

Amalia excels with leading infantry or foreign rifle units. Her AI prefers to be offensive without player supervision, which tends to suite her preferred unit types. She wields the strongest personal weapons in the game and is a capable character during Raids. As a Warrior type, however, she will struggle to learn officer skills quickly. The player may want to invest in building her capabilities as she is a mandatory unit in a few battles within the game.

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