Amane Gakuen High School
Location(s): Main: Hakodate, Hokkaido
Secondary: Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
Education Level(s): Secondary education
Curriculum(s): Musical education
Sex Segregation: None

Amane Gakuen High School (天音学園高校, Amanegakuen-kōkō) is a fictional high school introduced in Kiniro no Corda 3. The secondary building is the one featured within the vanilla game and is within walking distance to its neighbor, Seiso Academy. The AnotherSky titles introduces its main building.

Amane Gakuen roughly translates as "campus of heavenly melodies". Characters from this school have a naming motif which suggests authority.

Role in GamesEdit

The presiding principal and founder of the newly established Amane Gakuen chain is Aleksei Zhukov, a renowned Russian conductor who scouts children to attend his schools of gifted musicians. Students who aren't personally selected by him are expected to pass a strict entrance exam. Any student wearing the school's uniform is easily recognized in Yokohama as a talented musician, even if they lack professional experience. Only the school's elite can join the school's reputed Orchestra Club, and a chosen few among them are granted permission to play in public competitions.

Middle school and high school students can attend Amane Gakuen. Since the curriculum is devoted entirely to establishing a music career, it is often described as vocational training for teenagers rather than a school. Those selected by Aleksei have the opportunity to join him in his global orchestra tours or be granted irreplaceable introductions with professionals in the industry. Competition to gain the principal's respect is sometimes fierce amongst students.

Every inflection of Amane Gakuen was built at Aleksei's personal request, from its unconventional and sterile corporate look to its towering height in the cityscape. Within the highest levels of the each school's multi-story skyscraper lies Aleksei's private quarters, his sanctuary for whenever he returns to Japan. One spectacle he is proud of is his greenhouse tea room, which is filled with flowers that cannot survive outside of it. He pays several gardeners to ensure that the roses within it never wither in his absence. Not too many students have permission to enter this section of the school.


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