This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Andragoras III.

Arslan: The Warriors of LegendEdit

  • "Forcing me to retreat? I'm almost impressed."
  • "Allow me to settle this."
  • "Now you shall feel the power of a shah!"
  • "O shahs of old! We beseech you to watch over this army! Yashasuiin!"
  • "I am undefeated! Now you shall learn why!"
  • "You are worthy of the title of a true mardan."
  • "Good, but you can do better. I expect even greater things from you."
  • "Take this. If you can make use of it, well, that depends on you."
  • "There you are. I permit you to fight at my side."
  • "I give you the honor of calling yourself a true mardan."
  • "I shall remember your deeds. Continue to fight for me."
  • "You have impressed me. Allow me to reward you."
  • "Fight in a fashion worthy of one of my officers.
  • "So you've become a true mardan. I'd expect no less from the Crown Prince of Pars."
  • "Arslan, continue to fight in that manner."
  • "You aren't satisfied with such deeds, are you? Use this and strive harder."
  • "What have you come for? You should think only of distinguishing yourself in battle!"
  • "You shall be killed by a shah. Is there any greater honor?"
  • "You shall pay for this treason, soon enough!"

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