Angelique étoile Prologue
Developer(s): Ruby Party
Publisher(s): Koei
Release Date: Flag of Japan: March 14, 2003
Genre: Romance simulation
Game Modes: Single-player
Ratings: CERO: CERO A Rating
Platform(s): Windows ('98 ~ XP)

Angelique étoile Prologue (アンジェリーク エトワール プロローグ) is a limited edition preview of Angelique étoile, a game which was still in development at the time. This software is a promotional item developed to build hype for the fourth main installment. The Sacred Guardians' new outfits and the brief promotional trailer for étoile are two of the main draws for series's fans.


The protagonist has become the Legendary étoile. Rachel gives her the job of opening the amusement park, Celestia, with her legendary powers. With the guardians and assistants' help, the étoile seeks to restore Arcadia's entertainment area.


In order to gather their protagonist's power, the player needs to execute a "Star Wish". One of the assistants will draw two playing cards, one face up and one face down. He will inquire if the value of the face down card is lesser or greater than the value of the face up card. Ace is the highest, and the face cards (King, Queen, Jack) act as the middle ground between actual numbers. 2 is the lowest value.

If the player's guess is correct, the protagonist will be rewarded energy (★). A total of 10★ can be collected. 3★ is needed to activate the next option "Open Place", which opens one of the five locked places of the map. 15★ is needed to unlock the entire map.

After a place is opened, the protagonist can enjoy it with one of the male characters. Select the correct text option during date conversations to increase affection ratings. When the player has completed this task at every area with the same character, they unlock the male character's ending and personal gallery. Images within a gallery can be used as desktop wallpapers.

Save data —images and character affinity earned within this game— can be used for the Windows version of étoile.



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