Angelique Duet
Developer(s): Ruby Party
Publisher(s): Koei
Release Date: Flag of Japan: July 30, 1998
(PS, SS),
April 6, 2006 (NDS)
Genre: Romance simulation
Game Modes: Single-player
Ratings: CERO: CERO B Rating
Platform(s): PlayStation,
Sega Saturn,
Nintendo DS

Angelique Duet (アンジェリーク デュエット) is a spin-off of the first Angelique game and one of the titles made to celebrate Koei's twentieth year anniversary. According to Ruby Party commentary, this title answered popular fan demand for an option to play as the first protagonist's rival, Rosalia.

The Premimum Box edition (PlayStation and Sega Saturn only) includes a special musicbox, bookmarks of the Sacred Guardians and another colored comic book.


The general gameplay and the characters of the original game return with the following changes:

  • The player can choose Rosalia or Angelique as their protagonist. Romance events for the latter have been altered to distinguish itself from its base.
  • Gift giving and written date invitations —features which were introduced in Special 2— have been implemented into this title with the same conditions and costs.
  • When the protagonist visits their continent, she may receive ingredients for baking desserts. She can use them to create a dessert and give it as an alternative gift to guardians. She must give the baked goods before they expire.
  • Friendship events between Angelique and Rosalia exist. Special 2's unique dating events with Sacred Guardians are included with additional night dates. The new events in this title include illustrated still images which change based on the protagonist.
  • A different animated introduction sequence from Special is available. Special events and endings are presented as animated and voiced movie clips. Audible greetings from highly Intimate guardians are included.
  • Stock quotes were rewritten for the main cast.
  • Character portraits and backgrounds receive a graphical update.


New GameEdit



Self-explanatory. Proceed from previous save.

Extra ModeEdit

Gallery mode which can be accessed once the player has completed a playthrough. Place to review images or movies from successfully cleared events.

Fortune ModeEdit

Fortune telling mode with Sara and orcale cards. Choose two cards to read a randomized fortune.

Differences between portsEdit

The Nintendo DS version includes a Communication Mode to take advantage of the console's wireless connections. Players can send letters to their friends through an in-game messaging system and visit each other's rooms to trade items. Animated movies are condensed into a collage of key frames and subtitles.

Consumers who bought the game from Gamecity's 2006 Spring Fair received a DS Lite pouch and étoile character cards with their purchase.


  • Angelique History - March 30, 2000. PlayStation version repackaged with four other Angelique games.

Related MediaEdit

Guidebooks and databooks were published. Free samples of the four panel comics anthologies published by Koei can be read online at Gamecity. A light novel adaptation was written by Yuri Suwa.

One drama CD based on this title was created and called Angelique Duet ~Hikuu Toshi Story~.

Webcomic Obaa-chan to Game has a chapter that focuses on this particular title.


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