This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Angelo Sauper.

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam RebornEdit

  • "This is it! The power that transcends humanity!"
  • "No dawdling! Time is of the essence!"
  • "Just sit back and enjoy the show."
  • "This time, I don't even need to hold back."
  • "This is the Royal Guard's job."
  • "Your cockpit will become your grave!"
  • "This field is ours."
  • "Like shooting fish in a barrel!"
  • "I am a True Gundam Dynasty Warrior... Now I can eradicate every last piece of filth!"
  • "Stop desecrating the Captain's field!"
  • "You've ruined the Captain's beautiful battlefield!"
  • "You don't need anyone else's help, Captain! You're fine by yourself!"
  • "Forgive me..."
  • "How'd you get in the Captain's good graces?"
  • "Captain! Where are you? Gundam headed this way. Evacuating the area!"
  • "I'm picking up multiple signals from the Captain...
  • "Ah... So many Captains!"
  • "What are you doing!? I can find the Captain myself. Stay out of this."
  • "Captain! So this is where you are!"
  • "Captain. Captain! There you are!"
  • "Our point is under attack? What are the defense forces doing over there?"
  • "Our victory is unshakable!"
  • "Get out of here! You can't die yet!"
  • "You, huh. Very well. Follow me!"
  • "How could this happen!?"
  • "Not bad, for a start."
  • "You little..."
  • "Trust leads to betrayal and pain. I'll cleanse the world of you, too!"
  • "This world is overrun by filth. It must be purged... starting with you!"
  • "Don't underestimate me, boy."
  • "Don't look at me! Get out, get out!"
  • "The filth has been purged. All is clean."

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