The members in Animarru.

Animarru. (あにまーる。) are three musicians who act as Gitaroo-Man's back up band members in Gitaroo-Man. They follow him anywhere he goes to play the accompanying instruments in the songs. U-1 seems to ignore their presence most of the time, but he does motion to them during his battle with Kirah.

Their monkey suited percussionist is named Yung (ユン). Said to have been the student of the world's best percussionist, Yung is the mischievous and popular one, the most childish of the three.

The one dressed in a panda suit is Mr. Yasuda (安田さん) who performs in the string department and is the band's leader (or "Banmas" as he calls himself). He has a strong sense of pride and professionalism, claiming that he is the most important character in the game. He hosts the Q & A corner on the official website and complains that no one can remember his role in the game.

Pink suited rabbit man is Noren (のれん) who acts as the intelligent and calm keyboardist. Noren is supposedly the trendiest of the trio, believing in whatever is popular with young people these days.

In the game, they do not have an actual name and were simply known as Gitaroo-Man's back up band. Fans were asked to decide one for them on the website. Animarru. (which can also be spelled as "Animall.", "Animarr.", "Animalr.", or "Animarl.") was the winner since the name's simplicity was attractive, and it was an obvious reference to the members' animal suits. It was devised by Maiko Sawada and was actually voted as second best choice by fans. The first place winner of the fan poll was U☆PA☆SA (ウ☆パ☆サ), which is the first syllables for rabbit (usagi), panda, and monkey (saru).

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