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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Arlong.

One Piece: Pirate WarriorsEdit

  • "Let me teach you how hopelessly unmatched you are!"
  • "Inferior humans! You think you can beat a fishman?!"
  • "Bring as thousands as you like! I'll rip them all apart!"
  • "How's this game grab you...?"
  • "Clever little bastard..."
  • "I'm gonna show you hell! No one can defeat me!"
  • "Hmph... So that's it, huh?"
  • "Ha ha ha ha! Let me give you a tour of hell!"
  • "You guys really think you can beat us?"
  • "You say something...?"
  • "My precious partner... You're getting a bit too riled up!"
  • "Inferior human... Don't give me your nonsense!"
  • "Enough, humans! Quake in horror at us fishmen!"
  • "Ha ha ha! You got guts! Or you realised escape is futile!"
  • "Ha ha ha! Teach 'em a lesson! They're just puny humans!"
  • "Hey, back me up!"
  • "What can you inferior humans do to me?!"
  • "Sure messed that one up..."

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2Edit

  • "Let's show these fools how useless it is to resist!"
  • "This awful play has finished!"
  • "Shahahaha! I'll make an example out of you!"
  • "Shahahaha! How brave! Don't you understand it's useless whether you fight or flee?"
  • "Shahahaha! Burn it into their eyes! This is the fate of all who defy the world's strongest race!"
  • "We are the supreme race! Shahahahaha!"
  • "Curses. Take what you deserve, scum."
  • "This is the difference between men and fishmen. Hurry up and die!"
  • "What did you say...?"
  • "Congratulations! We will rule here as well."
  • "Do you really think you can beat us?"
  • "This will be our territory from this day on!"
  • "I'll unleash hell on you... Nobody can stop me!"
  • "Damn you...! I'll destroy you someday...!"
  • "Can the inferior race actually do something...?!"
  • "Thanks for coming..."
  • "Impossible... For me to fold against an inferior race...!"
  • "Hey, the base is in trouble!"

One Piece Pirate Warriors 3Edit

  • "Shahahahaha! Turn this into a bloodbath!"
  • "This battle isn't over yet... Let's get outta here!"
  • "Show them just how superior us fishmen are...!!!"
  • "No matter what the situation, the supreme species never fails!"
  • "We gotta draw the line somewhere. Let's end this once and for all...!"
  • "I'm going too."
  • "If anyone should understand what it's like to be discriminated by humans, it's you."
  • "A Marine that can't be bribed. I should get rid of you immediately."
  • "It looks like the enemy has drifted this way... Let's put a stop to them."
  • "Shahahaha! I'll make an example out of you!"
  • "Shahahaha! Show them! Show them that they're mere humans!"
  • "Shahahaha! So you're my opponent. You're even lower than the average human worm!"
  • "Shahahaha! Well, aren't you something! Do as you like!"
  • "You got 1000 of those weaklings. They're no match for the likes of us!"
  • "The useless crew of a useless captain... What do you think you can do to me?"
  • "This is the difference between men and fishmen. Hurry up and die!"
  • "A useless lump like you, captaining a ship? This I've gotta see for myself..."
  • "See that human?! That is the man who possesses the height of fishmen power!"
  • "If you really wanna stop me, you're gonna have to give it your all!"
  • "I'm gonna prove right here and now why we're the supreme species!"
  • "Neither you nor any other human can kill me!"
  • "Congratulations! We will rule here as well."
  • "C'mon... I'll twist you up into sharkbait!"
  • "Looks like I'd better keep you covered."
  • "Fishmen are the lords of all creation! What can an inferior human do against us?"
  • "This will be our territory from this day on!"
  • "You... You're an inferior race...!!!"
  • "Such violence... Those who anger me don't live to tell the tale."
  • "Great job! Keep it up!"
  • "You... You somehow managed to do them in."
  • "Oh, aren't you amazing...?! Your powers seem special somehow!"
  • "I'll do the protectin' here."
  • "Feel the wrath of the fishmen...!!!"
  • "Impossible... For me to fold against an inferior race...!"

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