This page contains a list of battlefield items found in Arslan: The Warriors of Legend.

Icon Item Description
Kebab (AWL) Kebab Restores a small amount of health.
Multiple Kebab (AWL) Kebab (3x) Restores a large amount of health.
Nabeed (AWL) Nabeed Restores 1 unit of the player's special gauge.
Multiple Nabeed (AWL) Nabeed (3x) Fully restores the player's special gauge.
Goddess Ashi Statue (AWL) Goddess Ashi Statue Fully restores the player's health and special gauge.
Gold - Small (AWL) Gold (Small) Bestows a small amount of gold.
Gold - Medium (AWL) Gold (Medium) Bestows a medium amount of gold.
Gold - Large (AWL) Gold (Large) Bestows a large amount of gold.
Skill Card (AWL) Skill Card Obtain a new skill card.
Limited Skill Card (AWL) Limited Skill Card Obtain a new limited skill card.
Recipe Book (AWL) Recipe Book Obtain a new recipe.

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