Arthur de Richemont
Character Information
Faction: French
Unit Type:
Sword knights
Weapon Type: Sword
Significant Battle(s):
Battle of the Loire
Battle of Formigny
Request Mission(s):
The Search for the Just Right Iron
Voice Actors:
Akimitsu Takase (JP)
Historical Information
Real Name:
Arthur de Richemont
August 24, 1393
December 26, 1458
Also known as "Le Justicer".

Arthur de Richemont (アルテュール・ド・リッシュモン) is a French nobleman who fought for France's defense during the latter half of the Hundred Years' War. He fought against Henry V's troops several times and suffered many defeats, even being held in captivity within England for five years. When he was allowed to return to his homeland, he became a driving force for France's restoration and eventual victory.

Role in GameEdit

The player's mercenary encounters Arthur giving out orders to divide his troops during the campaign at the Loire. Many of his men question the risks involved in thinning out their forces, yet none of them refuse to carry it out. After the conclusion of the battle ends in their favor, some realize that Arthur's plan was made to secure the various villages simultaneously. This earns him the admiration of many commoners and the scorn of jealous nobles.

Character InformationEdit


Able to assess major battles quickly, he is always calm and composed. He never flaunts his prestigious background and is greatly respected by his men. Unfortunately, this side of his has also earned him the envy of other nobles.


  • "This is as far as you shall proceed."
  • "I must warn you. Your ability is clearly lacking."
  • "Thank you. You are an asset to our army."
  • "Well, I was not expecting to witness such expertise."
  • "If you can maintain composure in the face of adversity, defeat is an impossibility."
  • "Now, on to the next..."
  • "Even I know when I must admit defeat..."
  • "It appears that fortune is smiling upon me today."
  • "We now control this locale."
  • "Now is our chance. Attack!"
  • "I see what they are up to. Ready the counterattack!"
  • "All I did was fulfill my duty. Naught beyond that. Paris is once again in French hands. That is enough for me."

Historical InformationEdit


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