Character Information
Original character.

Asha (アーシャ) is a secondary character in Saiyuki: Journey West‎. He is a story character who follows Sanzo's party during cutscenes in the third chapter.

Role in GameEdit

As Sanzo and company camp for the night at Cart Plains, Asha runs to them whilst pleading for help. The boy is hounded by two monsters whom Goku quickly dispatches. When questioned by the gentle Sanzo and Lady Kikka, Asha replies he left home with his father to work afar and lost his parent when they were attacked. He replies his mother is waiting for them at his home, Thunder Temple. Hoping to escort the defenseless child to his mother, the pilgrim decides to take the boy with them. During their trip toward the temple, Sanzo and the party ask the boy to hide from the dangers they encounter.

Once the party arrives at Thunder Temple, Asha presumably runs off to reunite with his family. As the illusion over the city fades, Sanzo becomes worried for the boy's safety until Asura reveals that the boy is a lifelike doll of his creation. Asura explains he created Asha to observe the monk's movements and is fascinated with his experience. In theory, Asura could have used the child to steal the staff for himself, but he likely enjoyed toying with the monk too much through Asha.


Seemingly unassuming and innocent, Asha is an otherwise faceless identity unknown to even the other Devil Eight. His plea for help certainly touched Sanzo, however, as he/she will forgo his/her own safety if he/she feels Asha is in danger.

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