Athena (WO4)
Character Information
Sacred Treasure:
Type: Technique
First Appearance: Warriors Orochi 4
Historical Information
Real name:
Pallas Athena
Mythological being.

Athena (アテナ, Ἀθεονόα) is a mythological goddess of wisdom and warfare. Born from the head of Zeus, she is regarded as a guardian deity of cities.

Role in GamesEdit

The Warriors Orochi series has Athena follow her father to Orochi's world in search of Perseus who had betrayed their ranks.

Character InformationEdit

Living up to her moniker as the goddess of wisdom, Athena has a dignified air about her that compels awe and respect. Her loyalty to her father is matched by her strong sense of responsibility.


Character SymbolismEdit

Aegis, Athena's sacred treasure, is known as a shield or animal skin that sometimes described as having the head of a Gorgon on it. Often times carried by both Zeus and Athena, its exact nature is unknown. The Gorgon's head on the Aegis refers to the Gorgon sisters, whose hair had been turned to living venomous snakes, and whose vision can turn anyone to stone. This is shown in some of Athena's attacks and musou, where enemies are turned to stone and shattered when Athena performs this attack. This is referring to Medusa, one of the Gorgon sisters, who was cursed by Athena to be a gorgon. Furthermore relating to this game, Medusa was slain by Perseus, a demi-god son of Zeus and Athena's half sibling, which entails Athena's obsessive pursuit of Perseus. 

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Suzuko Mimori - Warriors Orochi 4



Ground MovesetEdit

Horse MovesetEdit

Fighting StyleEdit

Athena's Aegis can be used to perform a plethora of flexible combos to clear large crowds. Some of her charge attacks will turn enemies into stone; finishing them off in this state will reduce them to dust.


Greek MythologyEdit

Athena is the goddess of wisdom, handicraft and warfare, and one of the Twelve Olympians, the most important beings in the Greek Pantheon. Both Athena and Ares are considered to be gods of war, however what they embody are different: while Ares embodies the physical and destructive nature of war, Athena embodies the disciplined and strategic nature of war, which extends to generalship and military strategy. Due to this nature, she is also considered as a patronness and protector of various cities in Greece, most notably Athens, where the Parthenon is dedicated to her, and Greek literature tend to be more favorable to Athena than Ares and holds Athena in a higher esteem. Athena also appeared in many Greek mythological stories, particularly in the Iliad and other stories where Athena is known to have helped heroes such as Perseus and Heracles. 

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