Character Information
Allegiance(s): Elsaize
Voice Actor(s):
Susannah Fielding (EN)
Mirei Kiritani (JP)
First Appearance: Dragon Quest Heroes
Original character.

Aurora (メーア, Mēa) is the default name for one of the selectable main protagonists in Dragon Quest Heroes. The player can choose to rename her if they select her as their hero. If the player chooses to view the story from Luceus's perspective, she will be called by her official name within the game.

Role in GameEdit

Aurora is Luceus's childhood friend. Though born in the nobility, she joined the military to prove herself as a swordswoman.

Character InformationEdit


Dragon Quest Heroes will be the first Dragon Quest title with voiced protagonists. Square-Enix wanted to celebrate the occasion by hiring famous Japanese actors who have been fans of the series. Kiritani plays the ninth title the most and was worried if her voice did not match her character. She tried to envision the part of the hero defeating monsters to bring out her voice.


She is a fearless individual. Her righteousness is welcome if impulsive, often leading her to rashly charge into danger without a plan.


Keys Square Attack 1 • Tri Attack 2Circle Skill/MagicX Jump
Coup de Grâce


Square,Square,Square,Square: Slash Combo
Tri: Charging Slash
Square,Tri: Rising Slice
Square,Square,Tri: Swiping Slice
Square,Square,Square,Tri: Blizzard Slash
Mid-Air Square,Square: Mid-Air Combo
Mid-Air Tri (Hold): Air Raid
R1 (Hold) and Square: Cold Fission
R1 (Hold) and Tri: Frost Slash
R1 (Hold) and Circle: Zap
R1 (Hold) and Circle (Hold): Zapple
R1 (Hold) and Circle (Hold): Kazap
R1 (Hold) and X: Zoom

Passive AbilitiesEdit

Fighting StyleEdit


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