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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Ayane.

Warriors Orochi 3Edit

  • "I will defeat anyone who gets in my way."
  • "No time to stay and play! See you later!"
  • "Never underestimate the Hajin Mon Sect of the Mugen Tenshin Ninja Clan."
  • "Well, at least we managed to get the job done."
  • "That went perfectly!"
  • "I wish for you to have this. It is too heavy for me to carry around with me."
  • "You're as good a fighter as I've seen."
  • "Is that all you've got?"
  • "I defeated several enemy officers in the last battle. You would be wise not to stand in my way."
  • "Lately, I've been kept busy on the battlefield. Having no time to rest keeps me from over-thinking things."
  • "I might have taken things too easy in the last battle... I must devote myself to my training."
  • "Ninjas like myself have little use for parties. Wait a minute, this food isn't half bad..."
  • "Enemy eliminated."
  • "Who do you think I am?"
  • "You have real strength."
  • "Master Ryu... Strength worthy of the Dragon Ninja."
  • "You appear human, but far exceed human capabilities."
  • "The ultimate shinobi... perhaps."
  • "Lady Nene, you are the ultimate shinobi."
  • "I think I underestimated this enemy."
  • "My next foe... is myself. This will be difficult."
  • "I expected no less."
  • "You have impressive technique."
  • "You are here to save me?"
  • "Lend me a hand."
  • "I shall fight you."
  • "I need to train harder..."
  • "Master Ryu, perfect."
  • "Master Ryu, you came for me?"
  • "All with such a calm face... You're good, Yoshitsune."
  • "Is it sympathy that makes you extend your hand?"
  • "...You're good."
  • "You intend to help me?"
  • "Nene Ninpō... It must not be underestimated..."
  • "To be saved by a shinobi from a different school..."
  • "I expected no less. Fighting with you means that victory shall be ours."
  • "Impressive technique. Don't compare yourself to me just yet, though."
  • "You have come to save me? It is my duty to protect you!"
  • "Lend me a hand. I'll thank you when this fight is over."
  • "I shall fight you. I cannot let even you escape here alive."
  • "I still have a long way to go... I want to fight you again."
  • "Perfect, Master Ryu. You are the true successor of the Hayabusa clan."
  • "Master Ryu, you came for me? Thank you."
  • "You look so composed, Yoshitsune. Just how strong do you plan on becoming?"
  • "Is this sympathy? ...Thank you, then..."
  • "You're good. Just don't get too carried away and slip up."
  • "You want to help me? I see no reason to turn you away."
  • "Nene Ninpō...? I haven't really heard of it before, but its power is undeniable."
  • "At least being saved by you means I can live to fight another day."
  • "Such technique, such skill. I want to be by your side forever."
  • "We'll be fine, with you along. I'm counting on you."
  • "You came back for me? ...Thank you."
  • "I am ashamed to show you such weakness. But I am glad you came to help me."
  • "If it is my fate to fight you... then what choice do I have, but to go all out?"
  • "I knew it, I cannot defeat you... I never wanted to become your enemy."
  • "Perfect, Master Ryu. I feel so safe fighting alongside you."
  • "I am so glad that you came... with you here, Master Ryu, I know I will be safe."
  • "Incredible, Yoshitsune. Show me that move again."
  • "Yoshitsune, my thanks for coming... I know you can be relied on."
  • "You have shown me again what a shinobi can do. I won't let you outdo me!"
  • "I thought you would come. Both of us together can surely turn the tide."
  • "I have seen the true essence of Nene Ninpō. I would very much like to study it myself..."
  • "Lady Nene, I was sure that you would come. Let us combine our strength and overcome this hardship."
  • "Don't worry. I'll soon release you from your suffering."
  • "You're quite good."
  • "Mugen Tenshin's Hajin Mon Sect isn't finished yet."
  • "Forgive me, Master Ryu!"
  • "I know I'm no match for you..."
  • "I too am but a humble shinobi, Master Ryu. I only wish to come close to your legend."
  • "Once you see my strength for yourself, you shall never forget it."
  • "If you won't look at me, how can I read your movements?"
  • "You are quite the fool... I've had enough. Playtime's over."
  • "I'll test your strength for myself."
  • "What on earth are you doing? I can't fight you like this."
  • "Now you've gone and made me mad."
  • "Please stop trying to be my mother, Lady Nene."
  • "Please. Please stop. I don't have any energy left."
  • "No more playing house. Goodbye, Lady Nene."
  • "My techniques are far beyond your ability to comprehend."
  • "Come on, girl. Give it your best shot."
  • "You'd better shut your eyes if you never want to see me again."
  • "Master Ryu... Isn't there any other way?"


  • "You always have to try and be the heroine, don't you!"
  • "Hmph... Not bad."
  • "Keep your distance from me."
  • "Hmph... Not bad. I guess your skills haven't completely deteriorated since leaving the village."
  • "Keep your distance from me. And I hope you don't expect me to thank you for helping me."
  • "That wasn't half bad. Well, for a cowardly runaway like yourself, that is."
  • "I guess I should thank you. You did help me, after all."
  • "You always thought of yourself as the heroine."
  • "You are a traitor that abandoned our village!"
  • "You abandoned us. That is why I'll be the one to put an end to you!"
  • "Prepare yourself, traitor!"

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