Character Information
Allegiance(s): Lusitania
Voice Actor(s):
Bon Ishihara

Barcacion (バルカシオン) is a secondary antagonist in The Heroic Legend of Arslan and a non-playable character in Arslan: The Warriors of Legend.

His nobility granted him a commander rank yet he has never been trained for war; he prefers to be the director of Lusitania's national library. Balcacion is ordered to be the commander of Saint Emmanuel Castle, one of the eastern Lusitanian positions on the path to Pars's capital.

Barcacion is a friend of Ester's uncle and became her guardian when her relative perished. Once he learned that she secretly followed him and enlisted into the military, he is aghast to the danger it imposes to her. Before he can decide on what to do with her, the castle is raided by Arslan's forces. When defeat becomes imminent, Barcacion and the other survivors refuse to betray their faith by being held prisoner. They commit suicide by plummeting from the castle's highest tower.


Tender-hearted Barcacion is known as a man worthy of respect. He ruled fairly and stayed true to his every task. Ester's independence makes the protective Barcacion uneasy, but he does his best to ensure her safety.