This is a lit of commonly heard quotes from Bartholomew Kuma.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2Edit

  • "I am not the old Kuma. I am Pacifista PX-0."
  • "Shall we begin?"
  • "Mission start..."
  • "The mission will continue."
  • "...How easy."
  • "We cannot talk if you are going to yell like that."
  • "The atmosphere hit at the speed of light is creating shockwaves...!"
  • "Do not interfere."
  • "It's now or never..."
  • "I do as I please."
  • "Farewell... Monkey D. Luffy."
  • "Absurd..."
  • "Mission complete."

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3Edit

  • "Let's end this..."
  • "Fighting would not be wise... I am taking my leave."
  • "The battle has become dangerous. I will support as well."
  • "I will go along with you."
  • "Do not interfere."
  • "...How easy."
  • "I do as I please."
  • "The atmosphere hit at the speed of light is creating shockwaves...!"
  • "It's no fun if you're knocked out."
  • "Now you're an enemy... I've got no choice."
  • "Farewell... Monkey D. Luffy."
  • "Regrettably, there is no option besides making the Straw Hat Pirates disappear."
  • "So this is the power of a former member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea?"
  • "With Vegapunk's science and my abilities... There'sno way you can win."
  • "I too doubted the situation... But it couldn't be helped."
  • "It seems you've improved... Roronoa."
  • "My apologies... But I am in no condition to make friends."
  • "Sorry... Give my best to Dragon."
  • "I've my own situation to consider... Go away."
  • "I have captured this land."
  • "Capture complete..."
  • "The enemy territory has been taken..."
  • "I am the not the old Kuma. I am Pacifista PX-0."
  • "I was recreated by the master scientist. Now I am an unstoppable human weapon."
  • "I hold the power to defeat anything... I am a Paw Human."
  • "No problem... On to the next."
  • "Dragon's son, huh...? Time to get serious."
  • "I've no obligation to get along with the Marines right now..."
  • "I've no business with a Pacifista."
  • "Mission complete..."
  • "Absurd..."
  • "This is our victory."
  • "It looks like everything's taken care of."
  • "Retreat complete... Is anyone injured?"
  • "The enemy has been eliminated... The target is safe."
  • "I guess my part in this is over..."

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