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Battle of Sishui Gate
Si Shui Gate
Date 190
Location n/a
Result Victory for the Allied Forces.
Allied Forces Dong Zhuo's Forces
Yuan Shao Hua Xiong

The Battle of Sishui Gate (汜水関の戦い, rōmaji: Shisuikan no Tatakai) was one of the first in a series of battles to topple the tyrant Dong Zhuo. In the novel and the games, Sishui Gate and Hulao Gate are treated as two different locations. The games make it a likely adaption of the Battle of Dagu Gate, where Sun Jian defeated Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu in a more southern location.

Role in GamesEdit

Dynasty WarriorsEdit

After Dong Zhuo had seized power in the imperial court, he started a despotic reign which drew the ire of local warlords. Cao Cao initially allied himself with Dong Zhuo, but then tried to assassinate him which failed and Cao Cao was forced to flee. He soon gathered together others who were opposed to Dong Zhuo together in a coalition, and asked his childhood friend Yuan Shao to lead the fledgling Allied Forces.

The Allied Forces moved on Dong Zhuo's stronghold of Si Shui Gate which was defended by Li Jue and Hua Xiong. Initially, Sun Jian made a strong advance, and camped to rest his men, sending a request for supplies to Yuan Shu. Out of jealousy, Yuan Shu refused to send the supplies, causing Sun Jian to be defeated by an enemy counterattack. Meanwhile, Hua Xiong had defeated several officers of the allies in single combat, until Guan Yu volunteered to fight him. Guan Yu emerged victorious, and the allies were victorious. The aftermath left Guan Yu a well-known warrior with high respect.

In Dynasty Warriors 8, Sishui Gate is placed within the same battlefield as Hulao Gate. Players must help Sun Jian attack the enemy army's supply depot to compensate for their insufficient rations. Once this is accomplished, Hua Xiong must then be eliminated for Sishui Gate to open. Dong Zhuo's sole scenario has the player cross through Sishui Gate from the other side in order to locate Diaochan near Yuan Shao's main camp.

Warriors OrochiEdit

The Sishui Gate battle appears in Warriors Orochi as a dream stage for Nobunaga's forces. Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Okuni, and Zhang Jiao set out to stop shipments of gold from reaching Dong Zhuo. Ina and Lu Bu must be defeated before breaching the enemy's main camp. If all gold shipments are seized, Dong Zhuo will leave Orochi and join the Oda forces.

In Warriors Orochi 2, Cao Cao and his forces came to assist the Xiahou clan and defeat Lu Bu. while Lu Bu's huge army attack from the center, Xiahou Yuan take a shortcut to prepare a fire attack while Kunoichi and Xiahou Dun hold of the enemy attack. The fire attack was successful, and the enemy forces was defeated, so Lu Bu charge at Cao Cao, but was easily defeated. At the end of the battle, the Xiahou clan join with Cao Cao to prevent Orochi from reviving.

Historical InformationEdit

Historically, it was Sun Jian who killed Hua Xiong. He also forced Lu Bu to retreat.

Romance of the Three KingdomsEdit


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