Beecha Oleg
Beecha Oleg (DWG3)
Character Information
Series Appearance(s): Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ
Allegiance(s): A.E.U.G.
Mobile Suit(s):
First Appearance: Dynasty Warriors: Gundam
Voice Actors:
Jordan Schartner (EN)
Shingo Hiromori
Playable in the third title

Beecha Oleg is a junk dealer from the Shangri-La colony. Through of a series of events he soon becomes a Hyaku Shiki pilot for the A.E.U.G.. Unhappy with military life and rivalry with Judau, he temporarily changes sides to Mondo Agake. Eventually however, he grows out of his childish ways. Taking command of the Nahel Argama, Beecha even finds the couraage to express his affection for long time love interest Elle Vianno.

Before his playable debut, Beecha had been a non-playable pilot since the first game.

Mission ModeEdit

In Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3, Beecha fights for the coalition fighting for peace. In some missions, he can be found with Elle Vianno trying to steal mobile suit parts from allies.

Beecha also serves as a co-star in the Spirit of Shangri-La story.



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In the third title, players can begin relations with Beecha by unlocking the For Peace conclusion from the Those who Understand scenario. Then read Roux's message, "Hey, Where Were You!?", in the Terminal.

Alternate MSEdit

Partner StrikeEdit

If the player's character builds their relationship with Beecha to Level 2 in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3, he may be given the chance to assist them in battle with his Partner Strike.

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