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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Bellamy.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3Edit

  • "We can't afford to lose here... It's for my sake, too!"
  • "Just defending is so boring. Let me kill something already!"
  • "I'm in for it now. You planning on using that true power on me?"
  • "Ha ha! Just go wild, men!"
  • "Don't make me laugh! Ha ha!"
  • "The Sky Islands are real...! Hey!!"
  • "Cowards! You sure you don't want to run away?"
  • "Follow close."
  • "You prepared? Because I'm going to show you now!"
  • "This is now the hyena's territory!"
  • "This area is mine now!"
  • "Ha ha ha ha ha! Now I can do anything!"
  • "Ha ha! Don't diss the power of boing!"
  • "Get it through your head that your dreams won't come true."
  • "I'm gonna blow you away, Straw Hat! I'm gonna prove myself to Doflamingo!"
  • "With an amount of power like this, you cowards can't take a single thing from me!"
  • "The power of the Boing-Boing Fruit... Can your eyes believe it?"
  • "Just leave everything to me!"
  • "With the amount of power like this, you cowards can't take a single thing from me!"
  • "That strength is far beyond imagination. Straw hat, I don't know how you do it."
  • "Ha ha! Just go wild, men!"
  • "You got us good that time, bastards!"
  • "Here with assistance."
  • "Hey now, hey now. Don't go killing them all, okay? You're even scaring me a bit...!"
  • "I'll win it for us. Just wait."
  • "Clean 'em up in an instant!"
  • "Look at you! I gotta be careful not to fall behind!"
  • "Look at you. You're damaging my career."
  • "Protect it with all you got!"
  • "I want to watch you fight more!"
  • "That's some intense power!"
  • "You really want a taste of my full power?"
  • "I'm going. Don't fall behind! Ha ha!"
  • "This coward has a bone to pick with me?"
  • "I only want Donflamingo's approval."
  • "My bad, Straw Hat!"
  • "You used to be just a coward..."
  • "If I can just take you guys out I can finally be a Family commander!!"
  • "Cruel? The devil himself? Call me whatever you want! It's not like anybody can stop me!"
  • "Damn, this guy's strong."
  • "How rude of you to try and pick a fight with me!"
  • "How can you be taken out by that amount of enemies!"
  • "I defeated Straw Hat! Doflamingo... acknowledge me!"
  • "Do you know what people call me? A hyena! Ha ha ha!"
  • "Clean 'em up in an instant!"
  • "I can't stand that I have to ask for help. ...Really, I just can't."
  • "I do everything MY way. You better get used to it."
  • "You've gotten stronger but my dreams are far more important! Hahahaha!"
  • "Hey, sorry about that."
  • "Sorry for being late."
  • "I was able to make it thanks to you."
  • "You got us that time, bastards!"
  • "Disgraceful!"
  • "My pride... is in pieces..."

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