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Berserk and the Band of the Hawk
Developer(s): Omega Force
Publisher(s): Koei
Release Date: Flag of Japan: October 27, 2016
Flag of the United States.svg: February 21, 2017
European flag: February 24, 2017
Genre: Action Adventure,
Beat 'em up
Game Modes: Single Player
Ratings: CERO: CERO D Rating
ESRB: ESRB Mature Rating
PEGI: PEGI 18 Rating
Platform(s): PlayStation 3 (Japan only),
PlayStation 4,
PlayStation Vita,

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk (ベルセルク無双, Berserk Musou) is a Warriors collaboration with the Japanese comic series Berserk. The game will cover the Black Swordsman, Golden Age, the Conviction, and the Falcon of the Millennium Empire arcs of the story. It was first unveiled to the public at E3 2016.

Hisashi Koinuma is the producer. Dai Kawai and Jun Kawahara are the directors; Kawai focused on the inclusion of the game's animated material while Kawahara was in charge of the game's action segments. Koinuma spearheaded the game's development after discussing his love of the story with the other staff members. He was pleased with the overall response to the game's announcement, but feared that the erotic content may hamper overseas localization. Their hopes is to create a game that will appeal to fans of action games around the world, regardless of their familiarity with the source material.

The keywords for development were "gore, violence and eroticism," leading to the game's Japanese slogan: "The most sinister in Warriors history." Berserk creator Kentaro Miura stated his formal thanks for the collaboration and remarked that this is perhaps the "most stressful" adaptation for Omega Force yet.

Buy the game new to receive a downloadable serial code for Casca. Reserve the title from Gamecity Shopping to receive a serial code for a Schierke pirate outfit. Other store outlets offer different costume serial codes.


Before the start of each stage, players can view the map, the positioning of each faction, and adjust their character's strength, defense and/or skill parameters through accessories equipped at the briefing screen. Horses can also be assigned before battle. Behelts in this game unlock key visuals within the Gallery; the specific conditions for obtaining them is told to the player before battle.

Players control one character in battle. Characters retain the familiar Warriors charge attack system. C8 is the max, but the number of charge attacks and altered execution depends on the individual. Guts, for instance, can hold the last charge of his sequence to strengthen his attack. Character attributes can increase with levels. Like the Samurai Warriors series, characters can use the "Step" action to evade attacks and/or cancel their attack animations.

Every character can use three unique sub-weapons. Swap between either sub-weapon with the directional pad and press R1 (or tap L1 with certain characters) to activate them. Sub-weapons are not all weapons, as they can be actions like countering or temporarily increasing a character attribute.

When an enemy attacks, press L1 the instant before the hit reaches the character to perform a "Just Guard". If successful, the enemy will be momentarily stunned and open to a counterattack.

As characters attack foes, the Berserk gauge will grow. Once it is filled, "Berserk Mode" can be activated. It halves the damage received from enemy attacks and increases the character's attack power. A third beneficial attribute activates, but its effect varies on the character. The length of Berserk Mode varies on the character's level. Characters are not invincible during this mode; if they suffer too many hits, Berserk Mode will end. The maximum Berserk gauge level is five.

During Berserk Mode, defeated enemies will drop spirit icons. Defeat foes with a character's "Smash" attack to have them drop a greater amount. Collect these spirits to fill up the Killer Technique gauge. Once the Killer Technique gauge is maxed, press Circle to unleash the character's greatest attack. Killer Techniques can only be performed during an active Berserk Mode.

Once the player has finished certain story arcs in Story Mode or Eclipse Mode, Transformations becomes another Berserk Mode feature. During Berserk Mode, press R2 with a full Killer Technique gauge to transform Guts, Griffith, Zodd, or Wyald into their alternate forms. While in these forms, these characters have a new moveset, a different sub-weapon, and their attack power increases greatly for a limited time. Each character has varying secondary effects to further distinguish them.

Other traits for this game include:

  • L2 whistles for the player's assigned horse. Press and hold L2 to have the character automatically call and mount their steed. X is still used for the standard mount and dismount. Horses have three parameters: Charge (damage to enemies while sprinting), Durability, and Speed.
  • Players can collect stones from fallen enemies to enhance their accessories. Rarer stones drop in the higher levels of Eclipse Mode.
  • One-on-one boss fights are in the game.
  • Hell is the hardest difficulty level.
  • Blood explosions accompanies the violence.
  • Visuals from the 2012 movies and 2016 TV series are used in the game. Voice actors from both works reprise their roles in the game.


Story ModeEdit

Self-explanatory retelling of Berserk's aforementioned story arcs. Total of six chapters. Certain maps allow for character selection between multiple characters. Proceeding through this mode is necessary for unlocking characters and Guts's true potential.

Clear Story Mode once to break the maximum floor limit for Eclipse Mode and to unlock the option to change the main menu background.

Free ModeEdit

Same as other Warriors titles.

Eclipse ModeEdit

Survival mode which includes the game's bosses. Each floor is filled with enemies and random objectives. Recovery items will become scare on higher levels. Players who want to unlock Wyald need to complete 30% of this mode.

There are initially a maximum of 100 floors. Escape points appear every twenty floors. Checkpoints are specifically assigned to the 1, 21, 41, 81, and 101 floors. If the player loses on a non-checkpoint floor, they can restart from their last earned checkpoint. Character specific accessories and specific mounts can be earned by getting to floor 100 with every playable character. Additional Behelts can be collected within this mode.

Defeat the hundredth floor at least once to see a special ending movie and to unlock Griffith's transformation into Femto.


Collection of movies, events, images, character models, and weapon models.


Audio and visual adjustments.


Downloadable content specific material.




Non-Playable CharactersEdit



Trophy Name Unlock Method Trophy Type
BBH Trophy 1 True Berserk Warrior Obtain all other trophies. Platinum
BBH Trophy 2 True Savior Complete the gallery. Gold
BBH Trophy 3 Berserker Defeat the Large Apostle under the Hell difficulty setting. Gold
BBH Trophy 4 Wanted One Attain a 100% feast rating in Eclipse Mode. Gold
BBH Trophy 5 Tool Extremist Collect all portable items. Silver
BBH Trophy 6 Warhorse Extremist Collect all warhorses. Silver
BBH Trophy 7 Accessory Extremist Collect all accessories. Silver
BBH Trophy 8 Voyage Clear the "Falcon of the Millennium Empire" scenario in Story Mode. Silver
BBH Trophy 9 Beyond the Abyss Clear 100 floors in Eclipse Mode. Silver
BBH Trophy 10 To the Abyss Clear 75 floors in Eclipse Mode. Silver
BBH Trophy 11 Hopeful Achiever Attain a 50% feast rating in Eclipse Mode. Silver
BBH Trophy 12 Music Extremist Unlock all background music. Silver
BBH Trophy 13 Avenger Defeat the Large Apostle using Guts. Silver
BBH Trophy 14 Cause-and-Effect Extremist Unlock all events. Silver
BBH Trophy 15 Slayer of 100,000 Men Accumulate 100,000 KOs. Silver
BBH Trophy 16 King of the Apostles Defeat the Large Apostle using Griffith. Silver
BBH Trophy 17 Slayer of 10,000 Men Accumulate 10,000 KOs. Silver
BBH Trophy 18 All Players in Place Unlock all famous scenes. Silver
BBH Trophy 19 Black Swordsman Clear the "Black Swordsman" scenario in Story Mode. Bronze
BBH Trophy 20 War Outbreak Clear the "Prologue" scenario in Story Mode. Bronze
BBH Trophy 21 Player in Place Unlock a famous scene. Bronze
BBH Trophy 22 Struggler Clear the "Golden Age Arc III" scenario in Story Mode. Bronze
BBH Trophy 23 Liberator Complete 25% of the gallery. Bronze
BBH Trophy 24 Apprentice Witch Have Schierke summon 10 golems in a single battle. Bronze
BBH Trophy 25 Slayer of 100 Men Defeat 100 enemies while in Frenzy Mode. Bronze
BBH Trophy 26 Aim for the Abyss Clear 50 floors in Eclipse Mode. Bronze
BBH Trophy 27 Desire the Abyss Clear 25 floors in Eclipse Mode. Bronze
BBH Trophy 28 Separation Clear the "Golden Age Arc II" scenario in Story Mode. Bronze
BBH Trophy 29 Follower Rescue Farnese using Serpico. Bronze
BBH Trophy 30 Woman Warrior Defeat 1,000 enemies using Casca. Bronze
BBH Trophy 31 Slayer of 1,000 Men Defeat 1,000 enemies in a single battle. Bronze
BBH Trophy 32 Victory Cry Win a battle using every playable character. Bronze
BBH Trophy 33 Sword Extremist Maximize a character's level. Bronze
BBH Trophy 34 Marauding Captain Clear the "Golden Age Arc I" scenario in Story Mode. Bronze
BBH Trophy 35 Hawk of Light Clear the "Conviction" scenario in Story Mode. Bronze
BBH Trophy 36 Immortal Have Nosferatu Zodd transform 3 times. Bronze
BBH Trophy 37 Klutz Rescue Casca using Judeau. Bronze
BBH Trophy 38 Enjoy & Exciting Defeat 1,000 enemies using Wyald. Bronze
BBH Trophy 39 Elven Disciple Catch Behelit once. Bronze
BBH Trophy 40 Elven Initiation Secrets Win 50 or more battles while accompanied by Puck. Bronze

Related MediaEdit

Games Ma-Ya organized a pre-launching event on October 6 for customers who wished to experience the game firsthand.

The congratulatory completion press conference was held on October 18, which included Bazuso's voice actor, Kendo Kobayashi, and a real-life replication of Guts's Dragonslayer. Another live stream to celebrate the Blu-Ray release and the game was done on October 26; special guests for this livestream were Hiroki Iwanaga (Guts) and Toa Yukinari (Casca).


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