Bertrand du Guesclin
Character Information
Faction: French
Unit Type:
Heavy axes
Weapon Type: Two-handed axe
Significant Battle(s):
Battle of Rennes
Voice Actors:
Yūji Kishi (JP)
Historical Information
Real Name:
Bertrand du Guesclin
July 13, 1380
Also known as "Black Bulldog of Brocéliande".

Bertrand du Guesclin (ベルトラン・デュ・ゲクラン) is a French general who fought during the first half of the Hundred Years' War. He specialized in guerrilla tactics and effectively used his limited number of troops for surprise attack or night raids. He tended to use the scorched earth policy during his campaigns. When he was captured by John Chandos's army, the King of France paid a high ransom for his release.

Role in GameEdit

Character InformationEdit


Bertrand is known as a genius of the battlefield. Known for his foul-mouth and simple personality, he sometimes acts like a child when things fail to go his way. However, his ability to come up with great strategies has made him a respected tactician.


  • "Come on! Come on!"
  • "I was hoping for a more entertaining encounter!"
  • "Thank you! I was in trouble there."
  • "He he... You fight with spirit, mercenary!"
  • "This battle will soon become interesting."
  • "What, you are defeated already?"
  • "I refuse to be bested!"
  • "I was hoping for something of a challenge!"
  • "He he... This bastion is mine."
  • "Advance! This is our chance to destroy them!"
  • "Ha! Drive them back! Back!"

  • "Imbeciles! You would dare leave your post?! You would dare leave me unguarded?!"
"Silence! Du Guesclin I seek not the empty plaudits of some haughty nobleman. See the venerable townsfolk... It is their voices I hear when I am victorious. It is for them I fight. Now, to the victory feast!"
~~Duke of Berry and Bertrand du Guesclin

Historical InformationEdit


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