Bi·Kawanakajima Senka (毘·川中島戦歌) is a Samurai Warriors character image song which first appeared on the character drama and vocal CD Variety CD. It appeared again in Vocal Best.

The song's title can be translated as "Bishamonten - War Song of Kawanakajima". It's a solo song performed by Jōji Nakata for one of his characters in the series, Kenshin Uesugi.

He performs a short character quote in the song. He says, "This marks my third encounter with the Tiger of Kai. Truly worthy of being my nemesis. Let us partake in our honed talents for this next battle of wits. Bishamonten, watch over me in this battle between two glorious giants!"


Lyrics: Yuriko Mori
Composition, Arrangement: Takeshi Masuda


霧が立ち込む 川中島
されど見ゆる 我が眼には
天(そら)に佇む 毘沙門天
我を 導かん
今日こそ 一世一代 男が戦
水の盃 飲み干したら
馬を進め 攻め行かん
一気呵成に 此度こそ
勝利 掴むなり
狼煙上がる 我に続けよ
見事に 天上天下 邪(まがごと)払い
我が龍なら 虎の如き
敵の将は つわものぞ
此度四度目の 決戦(たたかい)を
共に 愉しまん
今こそ 大胆不敵 武将が戦

kiri ga tachikomu kawanakajima
saredo miyuru wa ga hitomi ni wa
sora ni tadasumu bishamonten
ware wo michikan
ware wo tomeru mono wa arazari
kyou koso issei-ichidai otoko ga ikusa
mizu no sakazuki nomi hoshitara
uma wo susume seme yukan
ikki-kasei ni kotabi koso
shouri tsukamunari
noroshi agaru ware ni susukeyo
mikoto ni tenjou-tenge magagoto barai
wa ga ryu nara tora no gotoki
teki no shou wa tsuwamonozo
kotabi yondome no tatakai wo
tomo ni tanoshiman
warera tomeru mono wa arazari
ima koso daitan-futeki bushou ga ikusa

Mist enshrouds the grounds of Kawanakajima
Yet I stand still and raise my eyes
towards the heavens, Bishamonten,
grant me your guidance
so that none shall stop me
Today, you shall bear witness
to the greatest battle ever fought between men
I empty my saucer of water
and spur my mount for the attack
This time the battle will end in one stroke
with my absolute victory
The smoke signal rises as I march forward
I shall win to cleanse unrighteous miscreants
from heaven and earth
If I am to be the dragon, then my opponent
must be a commander fit for the tiger
Let us savor then
the fourth battle between us
None can hope to stop us
Bear witness now
to a stalwart conflict between samurai
You shall see...

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