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    Sarah Manley

    Hi All!

    Last year, we began experimenting with some video features on a certain set of test wikis. Our goal was to gauge our visitors' interest in watching videos. Our findings were not surprising: people love to watch on-topic videos.

    The main tool we used to test this was the Related Videos module (which you can see in the right rail). It was built as a proof-of-concept feature and we knew it wasn't scalable to launch on many more wikis. We've reached the point in our Video project where we're confident enough to turn on for more wikis (release plan TBD). However, this requires some functionality changes.

    The module was customizable on a page-level. For example, for the "Janitor" article on Scrubs, I could add many videos solely about the J…

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    Community portal

    April 27, 2011 by Ericard

    Diao Chan will never be with anyone.

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    The Tigress of Jiang Dong
    Faction: Wu
    Weapon of Choice: Rapier

    Historically Lady Wu was the wife of Sun Jian and mother of Sun Ce, Sun Quan, Sun Shang Xiang, Sun Yi, and Sun Kuang stories have it that Sun Jian was so captivated by her beauty and character that he asked for her hand in marriage but was denied by her family because they considered him a ruffian, she eventually convinces them that her fate is her own and marries Sun Jian.
    In the Romance, she was split into two women, a pair of younger and older sisters that both married Sun Jian, the younger Lady Wu was known as Wu Guotai, however for the sake of this character I will be combining the two into a single character known as Wu Guotai ingame and Lady Wu informally.
    For the most p…

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    I've been a tad curious on this subject for a bit now, I'm wanting to know if my opinions just happen to differ from most other people when it comes to Dynasty Warriors, but I've come to greatly dislike Xu Zhu's de-evolution into a dumber and hungrier individual with each game, Yuan Shao's attempt at comical hubris that gets worse with each game, and Dian Wei seems to get dumber and dumber. Is this only me? Or is the over-exaggeration of character's personalities becoming an annoyance to anyone else?

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    Ssj13 Goku

    I Say Lu Bu

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    Sake neko

    New Wikia Mandatory Skin

    September 1, 2010 by Sake neko

    Before anything is said, please look here, here, here, and here. If you need the situation summed up in a nutshell: Wikia's looking to change the page layouts for every wikia with the hopes of inviting new users to actually participate. "No, Wikia, don't do it! We'll hate it!" say lots of Wikia users with years of editing. That's all fine and good; everyone has their designs they like and don't want to change them. This is not what I really want to stress here.

    To put this into retrospect for Koei Wikia, would the new look really be a good change? Will it invite more people to edit if everything was just visually simplified with a sleek design? I'm curious for responses to this because I know from experience a majority of new Wikia users on…

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    I have suggested the best thing about the SW generic to playable characters. It is about Nobuyuki Sanada. He will have brown hair,green eyes and has a stubble on his face. His weapon will be twin-edge lance and shield. He has the Sanada clan symbol on his red cape. This will be the new looks of Nobuyuki Sanada:[[1]]

    Also,I was hoping to change all generics to playable character. Otherwise,generic to unique non-playable characters like Masanori Fukushima and Aya Gozen.

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