Boscogn (BBH)
Character Information
Allegiance(s): Chuder
Giant axe
Voice Actor(s):
Takayuki Sugou

Boscogn (ボスコーン, Bosukōn) is a minor antagonist in Berserk and a non-playable character in BERSERK and the Band of the Hawk.

He is heralded as the strongest warrior of Chuder. He commands the Purple Rhino Knights and defends Doldrey Fortress. During the regional war, he stays at his station to defend the heart of his kingdom from Midland's armies. Adon's incompetence eventually drives the Chuder back to Doldrey. Though reluctant to do so, Boscogn marches into battle on his superior's order to capture Griffith alive.

Boscogn faces Guts in the field. During their duel, Boscogn overpowers Guts and splits his sword in twain. Zodd, who is watching from a distance, throws Guts his own sword. It lands near Guts in time for him to counter Boscogn's charge. Chuder's strongest and his horse are instantly decapitated in a single slash. His death and Doldrey's fall demoralizes Chuder's men to flee, ending the war.


Boscogn is a competent, honorable, and strong warrior. He is respected and popular with the soldiers in Chuder, and feared by Midland's troops. While he has his displeasures with Adon and his superior, Boscogn will never disobey an order. He senses Griffith's potential as a threat and hopes to end his foe before he rises to true power.


  • "I am Boscogn, General of the Holy Purple Rhino Knights! En garde!"
  • "Spread the name of the Holy Purpple Rhino Knights!"
  • "Let us join our forces!"
  • "I mustn't lose my honor..."
  • "You still have not shown your true strength."
  • "If you want my head, come!!"
  • "Thank you."
  • "I'm grateful."
  • "Prepare yourself for combat!"
  • "Do not panic! This is merely a harassment tactic!"
  • "You're brave, I'll give you that!"
  • "This is not nearly enough to stop me!"
  • "There is no way you haven't heard of the Holy Purple Rhino Knights!"
  • "To think that you were such a fighter..! I wish for us to have a chance to compare our strength!"
  • "They seem to possess some worthy adversaries as well."
  • "I will face you with all my body and soul!"
  • "A splendid opponent to test myself against in combat!"
  • "Umm... this aura... you are no ordinary man."
  • "I have proven unworthy..."
  • "I no longer have the right to be called the strongest of Chuder..."

Fighting StyleEdit

During "Doldrey Siege" in Story Mode, killing Boscogn is necessary for ending the stage. He is fully powered up, he has lots of life, and he hits hard. His attacks are a hopping slash, an axe vaulting kick, and a slow but powerful three-hit combo. Keep dodging his attacks and he'll be an easy target for counterattacks. Defeat him as swift as possible to clear the ally reliant sub-missions for the stage.

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