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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Brook.

One Piece: Pirate WarriorsEdit

  • "45 degrees! 40 degrees... Ugh!! This is too hard! Ah, what a wonderful day this is!"
  • "I'll protect this with my life!"
  • "Try not to get annihilated, everyone! Yo ho ho ho!"
  • "I'll readily die for this! I'm already dead anyway!"
  • "Old Dead Bones Brook is here! Let's go!"
  • "Time for me to help out! I'll cut open an escape route!"
  • "Yo ho ho... No worries! I'm taking care of things."
  • "Yo ho ho ho! Music is my power!"
  • "A man needs to contribute! Watch what I can do here!"
  • "Such swordsmanship! Hope I can keep up with you!"
  • "I did it! Hopefully that'll make the difference."
  • "Excuse me! We're taking over here!"
  • "This land is under our control!"
  • "A formidable foe indeed... I'll take you on!"
  • "Not done yet! I'm working myself to the bone here!"
  • "There you go! Be careful now!"
  • "Yo ho ho ho! Now to party! I'll provide the music!"
  • "We did it! Now I'm one step closer to seeing Laboon!"
  • "I'll cut you down to the bone! That's pretty easy to do on me, of course! Yo ho ho ho!"

One Piece Pirate Warriors 3Edit

  • "Yohohoho! Let's go!"
  • "I will defend this to the death!"
  • "I shall fight as well!! Fight with all my might!"
  • "I will not lose to the Six-Sword style."
  • "I did it! I hope I was helpful!"
  • "It's not over yet! I'm going to give this my all!"
  • "If you desire, "Soul King" Brook shall continue to be your opponent..."
  • "I'm not just a skeleton! I won't lose to normal pirates!"
  • "It sure is hot! Nice weather for a concert! Woo!"
  • "Yohoho! Music is power!"
  • "I will engrave this battle on my chest! Although, I don't have a chest!"
  • "Okay, be careful!"
  • "Would you show me your panties to commemorate this victory?"
  • "This victory feels so wonderful! I'm so glad I joined this crew!!"
  • "I'll be taking this land!"
  • "Sorry! We'll be taking this!"
  • "Yohoho! Let's keep on taking the enemy's territory!"
  • "Amazing! I feel like my eyes are going to pop out of my head! Well, if I had eyes!"
  • "Quite magnificent, even as an enemy! I shall not lose!"
  • "I shall not behind in swordsmanship!"
  • "If I win, make my dinner with lots of meat!"
  • "Ah, I'm blinded by your beauty!! Although, I don't have eyes!"
  • "Nami? Oh, this sets my heart aflutter! Although, I don't even have a heart!"
  • "I only have eyes for beauty. Although, I haven't had eyes for quite some time!"
  • "Yohoho... What a strong body... I really thought the sword would break!"
  • "Agh, my body feels so stiff! Probably because I'm a skeleton! Yo ho ho!"
  • "I will not stop until I meet Laboon! Let's travel leisurely! Good for the body and the mind!"
  • "With this, I am a one man army skeleton! ...No, a one man army pirate! Yohohoho!"
  • "Allow me to recite a line... The blood chilling Wind of Hades will hopefully blow your skirt up."
  • "It's not a trick, Music! Humming Brook will be back!"
  • "That penetrated my flesh and bones... Well, just my bones."
  • "Yo ho ho! This victory touches my heart! Although, I don't even have one!"
  • "Great! One step closer! The day I meet Laboon draws nearer!"
  • "Yohohohoho! We're having a victory party now, right? Leave the music to me!"
  • "Let's sing! In celebration of today's victory!"
  • "I nearly broke my neck protecting it! Get it? It's a Skull Joke!"
  • "What a lovely day is it! I won!"

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