Mobile Suit Information
Series Appearance(s): Mobile Suit Gundam F91
Main Pilot(s): n/a
Height: 3.9 meters
Weight: 3.2 tonnes
Weapon(s): High speed chainsaw x24
Laser torch x24
Child bug x3 (6)
Slash blade x16 (8; Child Bug)
Destruction grenade x2 (1; Child Bug)
First Appearance: Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3

Bug (バグ) is an invention created to follow the ideologies of the diabolical Iron Mask. Robotized units built for a single purpose, these spinning discs of death seek to end any human life. With a built-in programming dedicated to locating the body temperature and carbon dioxide breathed out by people, the Bug indiscriminately eradicates any person by crushing buildings or sawing through them. Attacking in swarms, a single Bug can further its rampage by releasing its Child Bugs for suicide bombing attacks.

Iron Mask released the mecha within the space colony, Frontier 1, and they wrecked havoc on several civilians seeking shelter from the war front. Pilots within Mobile Suits aren't safe from Bugs either as several of them immobilized and killed Birgit Pirjo.

Battle DataEdit

Since it's a unit utilized for NPCs, players cannot actually use the Bug for themselves. Like its original source material, Bugs appear in large groups to attack ally forces. They can slowly spin towards the player or send out their Child Bugs to explode faraway from them. Bugs can also perform a quick hopping attack for their assault. Since Bugs are much smaller than normal Mobile Suits, they are harder to hit and may prove to be a nuisance for first time players.

During random missions, players may encounter a special objective to help Seabook dispatch a swarm of Bugs. He says special words of gratitude if players wipe them completely from the field.

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