This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Jesus Burgess.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3Edit

  • "Let's go, Blackbeard Pirates!"
  • "This victory will bring us closer to domination! Wiii ha ha ha!"
  • "The champion takes the stage! Everyone can just bring it!"
  • "Quit talkin' nonsense and start already!"
  • "I'll show you the power of my shockwave!!"
  • "Wiii ha ha ha! I'm going too!"
  • "I'm the fighting champion! Wiii ha ha ha ha ha!!"
  • "What a twerp!"
  • "There's no point in even killing you losers!"
  • "Any other challengers out there?"
  • "I'm the fighting champion! There's nobody that can stand up to me! Wiii ha ha ha ha!"
  • "I have to find out for myself just how freakishly strong you are!"
  • "Hey, straw hat! It's always interesting fighting you!"
  • "You fought brilliantly. But you know I'm the champion!"
  • "You're pretty something! The captain probably would have asked you to join us."
  • "Wii ha ha ha! I knew I was the champion!"
  • "Wii ha ha ha! I'm surprised you beat my captain!"
  • "Wii ha ha ha! We finally get to fight, eh, Straw Hat!"
  • "Wii ha ha ha ha ha ha! Hope you don't mind!"
  • "I'm the champion! It's a fact that I'm stronger than the Seven Warlords of the Sea!"
  • "You're not giving it all, are you?"
  • "I'm gonna make this my ring! I dare anyone to step inside!"
  • "I'm going in, so you all better follow!"
  • "Oh ho, have I finally met my match?"
  • "Oh my, I didn't know you were that strong!"
  • "You dare to challenge the champion?!"
  • "Alright, I'll follow you!"
  • "I'm gonna take everybody down!"
  • "Now just take a look at this guy! They'd certainly be champion if I weren't here!"
  • "Pretty strong! Hey, I'm always looking for a fight if you're interested."
  • "A Marine admiral? Wiii ha ha! We got a tough guy here!"
  • "I've crushed an Admiral! So the Marines, the government and anybody else can bring it!"
  • "I knew right from the beginning that I couldn't trust the likes of you!"
  • "Being part of the Seven Warlords of the Sea has nothing to do with strength!"
  • "I'm the back up! give everything you got!"
  • "Wii ha ha ha! That's my captain!"
  • "Look at you!"
  • "How could you let them overpower you?!"
  • "Damn, this guy's strong!"
  • "Ouch! Hey, somebody help me out!"
  • "I was able to pull through thanks to you."
  • "You saved me back there."
  • "We haven't lost yet! We're back with a better plan this time!"
  • "We'll never forget this!"
  • "Sorry..."

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