Character Information
Allegiance(s): Washer Pirates
First Appearance: Zill O'll

Candancam Washer (カンダカン・ワッシャー) is a background character mentioned in passing in Zill O'll. Details of his origins and exploits are revealed in supplementary material.

Role in GameEdit

Candancam was a castaway from a world foreign to Vyashion. He and Robert, his best friend and fellow castaway, explored their surroundings and soon realized that they had no means of returning home. Hoping to make the best of their situation, they decided to make a living as adventurers. During their travels, they met and befriended Paulia, a healer, and Rothima, a famous thief. The group became legends in the south; the locals still sing praises for their unbeatable bravery and success. Candancam became particularly famed for his starking black hair and seamanship. He was allegedly an invincible fighter in his youth.

The fair and kind Paulia was loved by Candancam and Robert. For the sake of his friends' happiness, Candancam gave up his feelings for the lady and gave his blessings to her marriage with Robert. The group split to let the married couple settle into a life of peace. Rothima continued to make a living as a treasure hunter who stole riches for the poor and became a formidable rival to the Fugo Treasury; he lost his left arm when he tried to steal from the Ministry and turned into a common drunkard.

Choosing to be faithful to his love for the sea, Candancam purchased a ship with the funds from his adventure and led outlaws, vagabonds, and all other lost souls to fight for good. He had a fort built for their escapades within Savage Forest. At first, the group began with fourteen members; at its peak, over 300 had gathered to their hideout. The seafaring adventurers fought for the common folk, thrived in trade, and always explored the seas to discover new treasures. Sometime after he established his group, he married a woman and fathered Hildaria.

One of Candancam's greatest vices was freshly caught Shelmia Shellfish. He suddenly lost his life to its potent toxin some years before the main setting, leaving Hildaria to succeed him. The elders at Amira and the fort fondly recall his name in the game.


Charismatic and headstrong, Candancam was a robust soul. His cheerfulness and optimism was loved by the commoners and his followers. Many of his men joined his cause purely due to their admiration for him and left because of his passing.

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