Cannon (WO)

The Cannon is a large artillery weapon introduced in the Samurai Warriors series that fires explosive projectiles. It usually makes an appearance in fortified areas such as Osaka Castle or in naval battles. In Samurai Warriors: Katana, a portable version is given to players. Its limited trajectory is more than compensated by the amount of enemies it can kill with just one hit. Samurai Warriors 3 allows players to make use of stationary cannons in battle to devastate foes or destroy walls.

Cannons also make an appearance in Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce as one of several heavy mechanisms built to attack intruders on sight. They can easily be destroyed by attacking them with staff-type weaponry. Different elemental variations of these cannons are also found in the game.

Its speed and firing capabilities are further enhanced in Warriors Orochi 3, enabling it to launch cannonballs rapidly.


More often than not, the opposing side will usually have cannons on their side to hinder the player's progress. Open areas filled with cannon fire should be approached with caution especially in higher difficulty levels. Depending on the battle itself, they can be stopped or even claimed by defeating the engineers in charge. Players may have to disarm them quickly to lessen the amount of casualties inflicted on their side. This also applies to certain battles in Warriors Orochi especially during the showdown at Koshi Castle.

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