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Character Information
Allegiance(s): Jaiwa-ru
Giant sword
Voice Actor(s):
First Appearance: Dragon Quest Heroes II
Original character.

Ceser (ツェザール) is one of the main support characters in Dragon Quest Heroes II.

Role in GameEdit

Ceser is Razel and Teresia's childhood friend. As a prince, he doubles as the main commander of Jaiwa-ru's royal army.

Character InformationEdit


Yamada's first Dragon Quest game was Dragon Quest V; his favorite marriage choice was always Bianca. Since Ceser is his first voice acting role, he wonders if his deliveries were truly satisfactory. He enjoyed cutting loose with his character's arrogant lines. Yamada considers his character cool and aloof yet reliable.


He is a young and admirable youth, but at times he can be too impetuous to listen to reason.

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