Chin Soon Sun (born in Malaysia) is a former employee of Tecmo-Koei Europe. He went to college at the Methodist Pilley Institute in Sibu before immigrating to England. There, he attended the University of Sunderland where he received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Application during 2008. Having developed a strong interest in the company's games (especially the Dynasty Warriors series), he established a website for English-speaking fans known as Koei Warriors. As time went by, he retired from his duties as administrator of the site after being hired by Koei.

His role as community manager was to expand Koei's presence by raising awareness of their latest products to consumers through different forms of social interaction. This allowed him to keep in touch with loyal and potential fans while relaying some of their opinions and ideas to the company itself. Aside from organizing events and sharing information, he was also involved in designing websites for a few of Koei's newest titles.

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