This is a guide for unlocking Chitose's story route. Before attempting this story, it might be prudent to coordinate the main character's birthday for best results.

Since Chitose is a sub-character who does not use the intimacy format as the main party, the player cannot actually track their progress with her. The player can boost their intimacy with Chitose by performing the following actions after her first on-screen appearance:

  1. pick responses in which the main character lacks confidence during story events (e.g.: "I'm scared...", "I don't think I can do it.")
  2. fail to obtain any items during the game's mini-game sequences
  3. fail the investigation stages and/or obtaining the complete support of the divine aides

Try to keep saves at the start of the third and fourth chapters to recover from mistakes. If her events do not occur within the given time limit, complete all other story/romance events and try re-loading from a save within the scheduled date. Requirements do not need to be maintained once all three events are finished.

Friendship EventsEdit

First StageEdit

Time Limit
Chapter 3 ~ Chapter 4
November 12 ~ onwards (11/12 ~); early morning

"I hear a bell. It feels a little foreboding. Like something's about to happen..."

  • Let's check it out. -> Go to A
  • Maybe I should ask Yukarihime first. -> Go to B
  • No thanks. Sounds scary. -> Event failed
    やめておこう こわいことかもしれない

B: "I really think something's going on though..."

  • Let's check it out. The bell's chiming will guide me. -> Go to A
    確かめに行ってみたいの 鈴の音が導いてくれるよ
  • Should be fine if I don't do anything. -> Event failed

A: (...She's quiet. I don't she's going to do anything bad but...)

  • Why did you tell me about the Dragon God's bell?
  • Are you going to defile this place too? -> Event failed
  • Why are you here?

(...This is awkward... What now? Maybe I should—Oh yeah, I should her ask her that.)

  • Can you maybe stop creating a barrier? -> Success
  • (I'll keep quiet.) -> Success

Second StageEdit

Time Limit
Chapter 4 only
December 6 ~ onwards (12/6 ~); early morning

"Chitose's bell and mine..."

  • I'll go. I want to see her myself.
    私が行ってみよう 確かめてみたい
  • Yukarihime and my guardians can take care of it. -> Event failed

"Yeah, what am I doing here?"

  • I wanted to talk to you again. -> Go to A
  • I thought you were going to create another impurity. -> Go to B

B: "Huh, what do you mean? You mean the holy land is something you want to exist forever, and you're not defiling Kyou?"
え? どういうこと? 京は穢れなくて、ずっと存在する――それが今浄土ということ?

  • I don't understand. Can you explain it to me? -> Go to A
    意味がよくわからない... 説明してもらえる?
  • I don't buy it. -> Event failed

A: "Chitose, are you really thinking that you'll save Kyou?"

  • How about we try to understand one another better? -> Success
  • I feel the same way. -> Success

Third StageEdit

Time Limit
Chapter 4 only
December 16 ~ 27 (12/16 ~ 12/27); evening (complete three tasks on an outing in Kyou)

"Can Chitose and I really not understand each other? That's what she said but..."

  • I want to talk to her one more time. -> Go to A
    もう一度 話をしてみたい
  • Nah, it's not going anywhere. We're enemies after all. -> Event failed
    やっぱりだめかな... 私たちは敵同士だもの

A: (So the Dragon God stopped time just so he could call Chitose.)

  • I wanted to talk to you. -> Go to B
  • I don't know why I called for you. -> Go to C
  • Why did you come? -> Go to C

B: (Is that how it is? Are we that different from one another?)

  • But I still don't get it. Are you sure we can't understand one another? -> Go to C
    でもまだ、わからないよ 理解し合えないかどうかは
  • Maybe you're right... -> Event failed
    そうかもしれない 私たちは違いすぎる...

C: You're trying to save the capital too, right?

  • Hey, let's try to compromise. -> Success
  • I'm the same way. We have the same goal. -> Success
  • But isn't it a bad idea to let the capital's energy stagnate? -> Success
  • You're really trying to destroy it! -> Event failed

If Karin is simultaneously romancing Yukitaka, this message option will appear as an easter egg. It will not affect Chitose's ending or story route.

(Is she the reason why Yukitaka came to Kyou?)

  • But he did come to Kyou that time.
  • (Ugh, this is too confusing. I won't bring it up.)
    (ううん、わからない 黙っておこう)


If the three events are successfully completed, the player can unlock Chitose's ending. To see it, these procedures must take place:

  1. Choose the text option: "I want to save Chitose too, so I won't give up." (千歳も助けたいしあきらめたくない)
  2. Avoid favoring any guardian who offers to accompany the protagonist.
  3. Forgo Yukarihime's ending. Can still bring the princess along as it will not affect Chitose's ending.
  4. If the player has romanced Akram, choose the text option during the final confrontation: "I'll protect Kyou with Chitose." (千歳と一緒に京を守ろう)

Defeat the Night Parade of One Hundred Demons. Her ending can be seen again in the game's Bonus section.

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