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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Coby.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3Edit

  • "We'll show you how Marines fight!"
  • "We can't let this fight ruin the reputation of the Marines!"
  • "Begin retreating!"
  • "We must uphold the dignity of the Marines with this victory."
  • "I can't have a dishonorable battle with him around!"
  • "The enemy is running away! After them!"
  • "This is a decisive battle! I don't want it to be one I regret!"
  • "They're giving it their all! Be prepared!"
  • "Procession! It's time to fight!"
  • "It's my win!"
  • "I did it! I won!"
  • "You're under arrest!"
  • "Please submit yourself!"
  • "I..did it? ...I can't believe it!"
  • "It would be a disservice to all Marines if I were to let you go unchallenged!"
  • "That was dangerous... Luffy sure is strong!"
  • "I promised myself that I would be a true Marine someday!"
  • "I-I'm going to be a Marine admiral?! F...Finally!"
  • "Wow, that was dangerous... It's pretty obvious they're part of Luffy's crew."
  • "We've gained control!"
  • "This is Marine territory now!"
  • "It's not over yet! Someday... I'll... become a Marine admiral and show you all!"
  • "That person's really strong, huh!"
  • "You're pretty good!"
  • "Perhaps they're more skilled than us...?"
  • "We as Marines cannot lose here!"
  • "Thank you for your help!"
  • "I'll be assisting aid from here on in!"
  • "Whoa... You're not holding back at all...!"
  • "What power! So this is what a Marine admiral is supposed to be...!"
  • "How strong do you have to be to take on 1000 people! Someday, I wish I could be like that!"
  • "Vice Admiral Garp. I'm amazed you took down 1,000 troops! I am under your command!"
  • "How does such a strong person like this exist in the world! I guess I've only seen a real small portion of the world after all, huh!"
  • "I wish to be of use to you! Please let me help!"
  • "I'm going to make rounds and assist the allies!"
  • "That's person's really strong, huh!"
  • "Too... Too strong!"
  • "Thank you, Luffy!"
  • "Excellent work, Vice Admiral Garp!"
  • "I'm gonna die!! But even still... ...I'll never give up!"
  • "I always knew Luffy was strong!"
  • "Wow! Alright!"
  • "I'm going in!!"
  • "Please let me try out my strategy!"
  • "Shouldn't have thought we could win so easily..."
  • "I promise to protect this area!"
  • "I promised myself to live by my beliefs! I'm not that old crybaby Coby anymore!"
  • "Nothing will change if we don't fight! Right here. Right now. We have to fight!!"
  • "Morgan is going to get away! Vice-admiral! Please hurry and get up!"
  • "To think that my chance to fight Luffy has finally come! I can't look bad!"
  • "Luffy's getting stronger by the minute! He's really determined to be the Pirate King!!"
  • "I know this is sudden but, please allow me to fight!"
  • "No good... I have to come up with something better!"
  • "I can't believe it's going to end at a place like this..."
  • "These guys are not true Marines!"
  • "You're with Luffy?! I'll never lose to you!"
  • "I knew it... We're no match for them... But it's still too early to give up!"
  • "M-my legs are shaking! But I still have to fight!"
  • "You'll go no further from here!"
  • "Sorry! I'm really dragging you all down..."
  • "We're getting pushed back!"
  • "I'm coming at you full power, Luffy!"
  • "I could never recognize someone like you... ever be a Marine!"
  • "Vice Admiral Garp, let me fight by your side!"
  • "I-I'll never b-back down! I'm a Marine after all!"
  • "I'm terribly sorry! I must retreat!"
  • "I'm sorry! I need assistance!"
  • "Ugh... Not here...!"

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