Corrin (FEW)

Male Corrin (FEW)

Dragon Corrin (FEW)

Character Information
: Nohr Princess
: Nohr Prince
♀&♂: Nohr Noble
♂&♀: Hoshido Noble
Ryoma (step-brother)
Hinoka (step-sister)
Takumi (step-brother)
Sakura (step-sister)
Xander (adoptive brother)
Camilla (adoptive sister)
Leo (adoptive brother)
Elise (adoptive sister)
Anankos (father)
Mikoto (mother)
Lilith (sister)
Sumeragi (step-father)
Garon (adoptive father)
Arete (adoptive mother)
Kana (child)
Weapon Type:
Personal Weapon:
Side Arm(s):
Voice Actor(s):
: Satomi Satō
: Nobunaga Shimazaki
: Marcella Lentz-Pope
: Cam Clarke

Corrin (カムイ, Kamui) are two playable character in Fire Emblem Warriors. They originally appeared as the player's avatar in Fire Emblem Fates. The female version of Corrin appears in Story Mode, but the male version can be used as an alternate costume, with new voice clips, after being unlocked in the History Mode.

Role in GameEdit

At some point when the convergence caused by the evil alliance between Gristonne army led by King Oskar and Velezark's Outrealm demons occurred, Corrin is suddenly kidnapped and brainwashed by the former Nohr tactician turned traitor and one of Gristonne's recruited associates Iago. Eventually, the Nohr's crown prince Xander and Hoshido's high prince Ryoma fall into a same trap Iago did to Corrin when both eldest prince of two nations clashed for Corrin's sudden disappearance.

Once the Hoshidan and Nohr siblings got a reinforcement from the heroes of another world (currently consisting Yllisian and Aytolis army in a mean time), Corrin, Xander and Ryoma are now freed from Iago's control, in the same time they are chosen by the Shield of Flame as an embodiment of heroic warriors, creating their own Gleamstones to power up the shield, leaving only one Gleamstone left from the last chose hero of the last unseen world (later revealed to be Altean prince turned future Hero King Marth).

On the Path is Yours History Map, the male Corrin seeks to make peace between Hoshido and Nohr.

On the Grief History Map, the Male Corrin goes out of control in his Dragon form, requiring Azura to calm him down. Afterwards, a Female Corrin from another world arrives, being controlled by Velezark. She is defeated by the heroes, but sadly disappears. This is the only Map where both gender iterations of Corrin met each other. Female Corrin’s role in this game is way more similar to Azura’s mother Arete on Fire Emblem Fate: Revelations storyline.

Character InformationEdit


Corrin is a kind but naive individual who lacks experience in the outside world due to his/her isolated upbringing. In spite of his/her gentle appearance, he/she is not shy when it comes to combat and is more than willing to fight when diplomacy is to no avail. He/she was born in Hoshido but kidnapped as a very young child and raised in Nohr.


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Fighting StyleEdit

Corrin wields the divine blade Yato. He/she also has the power to turn into a dragon and unleash fierce attacks that deal magic damage to enemies. He/she can also equip staves and festals regardless of class. Corrin's unique Crest is Dracoshield; it decreases the damage taken by a character that Corrin is supporting.


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