Crimson Sea 2
Developer(s): Koei
Publisher(s): Koei
Release Date: PlayStation 2 Version
Flag of the United States.svg: March 30, 2004

Flag of Japan: April 15, 2004
European flag: November 23, 2004
PlayStation 3 Version (PSN)
Flag of the United States.svg: September 3rd, 2013

Genre: Action adventure RPG
Game Modes: Single Player, Multiplayer
Ratings: ESRB: Rating US-Teen
Platform(s): PlayStation 2

Crimson Sea 2 is the sequel to Crimson Sea only available for the PlayStation 2. It adds a multiplayer element and a non-linear mission element to the title. It is one of the few Koei titles to release an international port before its Japanese release.

On September 3rd, 2013, Crimson Sea 2 was placed on the American PlayStation Network as a PS2 Classic. It takes up a total of 4487MB, and costs only $9.99.


Two years after the events of the first title, the star system Theophilus is under attack by a force called "Menace". Sent to defend the galaxy once more, Sho meets a new Vipa named Feanay, who is seemingly tied to the Menace. Together, they fight to destroy Menace and discover Feanay's true origin.


The game features two protagonists for players to choose between, Sho and Feanay. Weapons can now be leveled up with the character. The characteristic "bullet time" from the Samurai Warriors games is also added during battle. Two new elements for combos include the Overdrive attack and the Time Extend. Overdrive attacks are devastating combos that require the blade and gun to be used. Time Extend allows the player to slow the world around them as they move normally to defeat their sluggish foes. Neo-Psionics are much stronger than before and are often capable of clearing the screen.

Missions mainly take place on one of Theophilus's four planets. More locations can be unlocked if the player completes missions with a higher rank.

The newest addition to the game is the Muliplayer modes which allows two players to either work together or pit their skills against one another.


Most of the characters from the first game return. The two main additions are Sho's new companion, Feanay, and the mysterious masked man, Viole.

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Koei released a special handkerchief for this title soon after its release.


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