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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Crocodile.

One Piece Pirate WarriorsEdit

  • "It's still not over? Let me take you all out at once."
  • "Whatever... I'll do what I want."
  • "I'm here to settle this, you weaklings."
  • "A punk from a horrid race... But that power is fearsome."
  • "There are countless loudmouths like you out there!"
  • "Let me show you how outmatched you really are."
  • "Don't give me that crap!"
  • "Enough playtime... Die."
  • "Get out of my way!"
  • "You really want to be a mummy that badly?"
  • "Enough bravado, you dog. There's no skill behind it!"

One Piece Pirate Warriors 2Edit

  • "Well then. Let's start the party."
  • "Those meager people..."
  • "Weaklings everywhere. No end in sight."
  • "Weakness is a sin..."
  • "Trees, rocks, soil, humans... Whatever crosses this palm is returned to sand."
  • "Even as a group of one thousand you are still useless! I am an invincible pirate! Nothing the likes of you can compare to!"
  • "Kahahaha! Do you understand, you garbage? You are not able to stand before me!"
  • "I'll be taking this..."
  • "I'll be taking this camp. If you're going to blame someone, blame yourself for not protecting it."
  • "Kuhahaha... Would you like to become a mummy?"
  • "Hmph... These guys aren't real pirates..."
  • "This right hand bestows thirst... You shall shrivel and die."
  • "So this territory has been captured?"
  • "Oh? Would you like me to turn you into a mummy?"
  • "There is no more time to play. ...Get lost."
  • "Do not lump me around those second-rate pirates!"
  • "Don't act stupid!"
  • "This has been taken care of... So now, which one is next?"
  • "Who do you think I am? Time to dry up."
  • "You are looking at the one who will control the New World!"
  • "My boy... There is no way you can defeat me."
  • "Hmm... I guess they were all talk."

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