This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Daryun.

  • "I, Daryun, shall never waver from my loyalties or the fight."
  • "Useless!"
  • "There is no escape! It's over for you!"
  • "Loyalty to the end!"
  • "Now is the time to prove yourselves!"
  • "Show them the power that protects!"
  • "Yashasueen!"
  • "I am a Mardan fu Mardan! A warrior among warriors!"
  • "The only conclusion to a just fight."
  • "I dropped my guard. My only choice is to retreat."
  • "Daryun of Pars joins the battle!"
  • "You would be wise to retreat. Unless you wish to die like a dog?"
  • "Advance with bravery! Prove your worth on the battlefield!"
  • "Now I shall show you the strength of my loyalty!"
  • "Deeds worthy of being called a true mardan!"
  • "Most impressive. I need to keep up!"
  • "You fight very well. Here's something I hope you can use."
  • "Are you hurt? I'll end this quickly, so please don't exert yourself."
  • "You are the one worthy of the title Mardan fu Mardan."
  • "You have some impressive skills. The entire continent will soon know your name!"
  • "You fight well. Take this, and use it to further hone your skills."
  • "You can defeat many enemies, I'm sure. I'll be counting on you."
  • "You are a true mardan, Your Highness!"
  • "You have become strong. Your Highness, I shall always be at your side."
  • "Oh, most impressive. I'm sure you can make use of this now, Your Highness."
  • "Your Highness! Are you unharmed?"
  • "Narsus, you are a true mardan!"
  • "Narsus, your skills are unchanged. You're far better suited to fighting than art."
  • "Narsus. Allow me to reward your deeds with this. We are friends, after all."
  • "Narsus. I'm counting on your bravery and intellect."
  • "You look quite strong. Now you face me, however."
  • "I still need to train harder. I hope we can fight again one day."

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