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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Dearka Elthman.

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam RebornEdit

  • "Great!"
  • "Mission received! Dearka Elthman, moving out!"
  • "Come on, let's do this."
  • "Let's go, Buster!"
  • "Is this some kind of new model...?"
  • "This isn't gonna be easy...!"
  • "We've got a runner!"
  • "Shall we begin?"
  • "I could handle this in my sleep!"
  • "Target destroyed! What's next?"
  • "Don't sweat it, buddy. I'm just better than you."
  • "Target is going, going, gone!"
  • "Great work!"
  • "Could you be any slower!?"
  • "Target destruction, complete!"
  • "I'm almost starting to feel bad. Almost."
  • "Check out those numbers!"
  • "This red outfit's not just for show."
  • "Good hustle out there."
  • "Just say the word!"
  • "You've gotta be kidding me!"
  • "Come on, I want to have some fun too."
  • "I see you've got some moves!"
  • "Hey, you sure you're not taking on too much by yourself?"
  • "Who the hell are these guys!?"
  • "Now you've done it!"
  • "It's about time I beat my old score."
  • "This isn't over yet!"
  • "There it is! I'm taking it out!"
  • "I'll shoot you down, no matter what!"
  • "Out of my way!"
  • "You think I wouldn't see you coming from the front like that?"
  • "Hydraulics shot, drive pulse dropping! Damn it!"
  • "It can't end like this. It just can't..."
  • "I can't wait to get home and relax."
  • "That takes care of that. Let's go home."
  • "That was even easier than I thought it'd be."

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