Diane Render (BS)
Character Information
Faction: Unaffiliated
Unit Type:
Elite fusileers
Weapon Type: Rifle
Request Mission(s):
Knights and Mercenaries
A Word from Diane
Voice Actors:
Original character.

Diane (ディアーヌ) is a fictional character featured in Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War. She is one of the many mercenaries the player encounters in the tavern and on the field of battle.

Role in GameEdit

Often seen talking to Karen, Diane does not interact with the protagonist until an altercation with an English soldier convinces her to request for aid in a duel. Instead of facing two squads as promised, she is instead beset by a horde of Englishmen who yearn to humble her. With the help of the protagonist, Diane triumphs from the ordeal.

It is later revealed that she is actually the long-lost daughter of a noble, the Duke of Orléans. This is proven by the lily pendant she wore when discovered as a baby.

Character InformationEdit


Diane is known for her brashness and foul mouth. Having been raised among mercenaries her whole life, she revels at the sight of war and wants nothing more than to live and die on the battlefield. Even after learning of her heritage, she remains true to herself and continues to participate in battle. Diane is easily angered by those who look down upon her or the mercenary lifestyle.


  • "They look down upon us and it incenses me!"
  • "Step forward... and I shall send you back with your tail betwixt your legs!"
  • "Humph! You would challenge me, yet you are clearly out of your depth on the battlefield?"
  • "You came to help... Thank you."
  • "Hmm, so you are not completely bereft of ability."
  • "The fires of battle flow through my very blood!"
  • "How unfortunate that you had to face me!"
  • "No... how could I..."
  • "None shall escape my wrath!"
  • "I have taken this place as my own!"
  • "Now! Attack when they least expect it!"
  • "The fools are marching to their own demise!"

  • "That noble who claims to be my father begins to irk me. He will not leave me in peace. Come home. We shall take care of you. After all these years I need to be taken care of?!"
"Were I in your boots, well... I should go without hesitation."
"Were you me, you would not think thus. We shall take care of you. Who do they think they are?!"
~~Diane and Karen


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