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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Dodomeki.

Warriors Orochi 2Edit

  • "You fight with a monster's ferocity..."
  • "Mighty skill indeed..."
  • "Impressive..."
  • "Well done..."
  • "Good work..."
  • "This isn't good..."
  • "I need assistance..."
  • "Come here..."
  • "I'll smash you..."
  • "I'll crush you..."
  • "You will be eliminated..."
  • "I won't forget this...."
  • "Very well... Have it your way..."
  • "We are but pawns in our master's grand design..."
  • "Enough!"
  • "Begone!"
  • "Kneel before me!"
  • "Here we go!"
  • "The enemy has never faced an opponent like me."
  • "Make way!"
  • "I smash those that get in my way."
  • "Know the true strength of Dodomeki..."

Warriors Orochi 3Edit

  • "You and I have a very different way of looking at things."
  • "Victory..."
  • "Attack... I must locate and destroy the enemy."
  • "Victory is ours... I suppose that is enough."
  • "This battle was ours from start to finish."
  • "Take this. It's my way of thanking you."
  • "Impressive..."
  • "You failed..."
  • "I defeated many enemy soldiers in the past battle. Perhaps I have become more than just a supporting role."
  • "Recently, I have not gone to battle... I suppose I do not stand out from the crowd."
  • "I've fought in many battles recently... It pleases me greatly."
  • "A party... How pleasant..."
  • "I smash those that get in my way."
  • "Even I have my pride..."
  • "A demon of war, no less..."
  • "I am cornered..."
  • "He looks... the same as me...? How can such a thing exist...!"
  • "Such glorious slaughter..."
  • "Good, good..."
  • "You have saved me..."
  • "So slow..."
  • "I shall crush you..."
  • "A bitter blow..."
  • "Such glorious slaughter... Save some for me...!"
  • "Good, good... Now do better..."
  • "You have saved me... Let us seize victory together..."
  • "So slow... hurry and support me..."
  • "I shall crush you... I know nothing of restraint..."
  • "A bitter blow... shall turn sweet next time..."
  • "This is why I follow..."
  • "Far better than I expected..."
  • "This kindness shall be repaid..."
  • "You were worried for me...? My thanks..."
  • "All my enemies shall be crushed... no matter who they are..."
  • "Naïve fool... If you get the chance to kill, take it..."
  • "Your time ends now!"
  • "Curse you!"
  • "If I die, I am taking you with me...!"
  • "You shall regret taking me lightly...!"


  • "One thousand victims, woman. Impressive."
  • "Impressive, woman."
  • "You would help a demon?"
  • "Good work, woman. Keep going."
  • "You would extend the hand of friendship to a demon such as myself? You are a strange woman..."
  • "You are too magnificent even to look at. I never want you as an enemy."
  • "You knew I was in trouble. Your instincts are too honed to be human..."
  • "I will destroy you..."
  • "You are strong, woman."
  • "No... I won't be defeated!"
  • "You will be the one kneeling!"


  • "You are the true commander of the chaos."
  • "Impressive, Lord Hundun."
  • "Lord Hundun, please forgive me."
  • "Impressive, Lord Hundun. The battlefield is drowning in turmoil and despair."
  • "Lord Hundun, please forgive me. I will not forget this debt I owe you."
  • "I find this chaos most enjoyable. Lord Hundun, your talent for destruction is without equal."
  • "Lord Hundun, you are here to help me? I am at a loss for words."
  • "Lord Hundun... Prepare yourself."
  • "I always knew how strong you were..."
  • "A world of chaos... I'll emerge from it unscathed."
  • "Now, for me to attack with all of my might..."
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